November 19th, 2013

The Worst Day of My Life!

Written by Ka Sundance

This video is intended to inspire you if you are ever in a situation where you think there is no way out, and you are having the worst worst dayday ever my story will show you that it is very well possible.

It was a day in 2010 when my 3 kids, I and Katie who was highly pregnant with our fourth child decided to go to Costa Rica. We were already online as the Raw Food Family but we were broke most of the time. We sold everything to buy plane tickets and were left with about $700 dollars. When we arrived at the airport on that spring day, we had nowhere to go with just a few suitcases. It felt like olden days when people were selling everything and coming to United States.

Before boarding the plane, the lady at the counter said we cannot board because we missed the date where we had to get all our biometric data on the passports, so we were not allowed to fly on the plane going through United States to Costa Rica. We begged the immigration authorities but we were not allowed. The tickets were nonrefundable as we could not afford the ones with insurance. It was a total of $5000 worth of tickets for the whole family. All that money was gone and we had no where to go. Katie had a nervous breakdown and fainted on the floor, sobbing and upset. I could not believe this was happening to us!

worst dayWhat personally gave me power at that moment was my little son Jaro, he just looked at me straight in the eye and said “Daddy don’t you worry, we will go to Costa Rica”. He spoke with such conviction that it also gave me strength to believe the same. Katy was not able to handle the situation and needed a hotel. So we paid almost half of the money we had for one night at a hotel.

So I was in such a low desperate position that I had to do something that I never thought I would have to do. I always felt proud that I did not ask my parents ever for money. Here at the lowest point of my life I had to call up my dad whom I haven’t spoken for like years. I called him and asked, “Daddy I have never asked you for anything, I am here at the airport stuck and I need your help to get my family out to get to Costa Rica, please for once in my lifetime please support me and lend me money”.

He heard me and instantly said, “Yes”. He did not even ask why. As per policy the person paying for the tickets needs to be at the counter to show the identification and the credit card. I informed my dad and he said, “No problem, I will come over”. He worst dayimmediately agreed to travel from Germany and the next morning he was there at four. We met inside the airport, bought our tickets for $5000 and got our identifications checked. Finally we were flying to Costa Rica.

This incident had healed the relationship with my father which was non-existent before. I was able to pay him back and I will be with him at the football championship in 2014 in Brazil.

That’s my story proving that anything can change and anything can happen if you are convinced enough in your beliefs.  Even if it is the worst day you’ve ever had, things can turn around.  This blog is really a place of holy inspiration, share your thoughts and share your stories of magical transformation out of desperation.



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38 Comments on “The Worst Day of My Life!

  1. kaz coll Posted On

    that was beautiful, Ka. I was unsure about how you got your passports ready in time though, with the biometric data thing?

  2. rosefrancaise Posted On

    SO beautiful, Ka. *Thank you* for sharing your heartfelt truth. I feel blessed, tears are flowing. Your story is a beautiful reminder that when we humbly surrender, miracles happen, love blooms.

  3. philotown Posted On

    Ka you had an old soldier in tears. Thank you for the inspiration. Your father is a good fellow and I am very happy in my heart for you both that you found each other again. Thank you for inspiring us all.

  4. Desmond Nicoli Posted On

    Greatest lesson I have learned. Is that I am overly defensive and insecure from my experience. And that I can receive correction and support from others. Always my biggest heart changing moments are when I am ready and willing to receive or give. Much love Desmond. Thank u again ka

  5. Desmond Nicoli Posted On

    I am part of a blessing team and goto meditation centres. I go to the gym swimming daily play soccer and love nature I hug and bless and love many trees. I have made some of the best friends from my wildest dreams. I just got terminated from Starbucks. I had learned allot about social Intelligence but the job was just not a perfect fit. I dealed with the fears well now I maybe staying at the Madonna house for a month to pray and refine my destiny. Perfect timing to share your story. I feel my

  6. Desmond Nicoli Posted On

    Thank ka. So beautiful. Your story is more moving than some of the best movies I have seen. Thank u ka. And thank u kas daddy. For such a strong love. I am so grateful to hear. My own story is I was diagnosed with bipolar at 19. And hospitalized. I started doing drugs for a month and then I felt I was doing to die. A angel came to me. And he told meet with a family friend. I start a hundred percent raw diet. Which start at 20. I am now 27. I goto daily mass yoga twice a day often. A few more

  7. Fatima Perez Amoretti Posted On

    ohh i never expected to cry :D , how amazing story Ka… you should fly your dad to costa rica so he can see how amazing place it is :D

  8. Ka Sundance Posted On

    This is an inspirational video about the worst day in my life and the life of my family, and how it turned out to be the most intense experience ever.


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