August 14th, 2013

The BEST Juice Recipe For Detox

Written by Ka Sundance

It is not an uncommon fact that green juices are an excellent source of nutrients and must be consumed on a daily basis to ensure good health. Besides, it plays a vital role in keeping your body vibrant and free of any kind of toxins.  So what is the best juice recipe for detox?

BEST Juice Recipe For DetoxThe effects of green juice show on your skin, hair and overall well being.  However, sometimes, you may get tired of preparing the same green juice every single day.  To counter this problem, you can introduce variations in it.  Most of the time, people are unable to find the best juice recipe for detox.

The most important thing that you need for the best juice recipe for detox is a good quality juicer.  This juicer will ensure that you get the most delicious juice from all the green veggies and leaves that you choose to include in your diet.

The first component that goes into the green juice is wild herbs. As much as possible, it is important that you pick your own greens freshly instead of relying on markets. Based on your country of residence, you can pick the wild herbs that are popular and native to your country. You may not realize it but simple grass is also a very nutrient dense green and can be included in the green juice. Dandelions also work excellently in green juices and are a great way to detoxify your body. These greens can be either picked fresh from your herb garden, or, if you live close to the cities and find having your own garden patch difficult, you can buy greens from the local market.  However, ensure that you include organic local green leafy vegetables.

To make the best juice recipe for detox, you need some fresh green leafy vegetables along with carrots and cucumbers to increase the water content in the juice.  Celery works great as well.  Besides, it is a good idea to add a touch of acidity and sweetness to the juice, which can be done using oranges or other citrus based fruits.

Add the citrus fruits prior to adding the leaves. Once you add the leaves, you can begin adding carrots, cucumbers and celery. The trick to getting a smooth juice is by slicing larger carrots into smaller ones.  This makes it easy to put it into the juicer.  You need not buy a high end juicer for extracting green juice.  A normal juicer possessing the basic juicing capabilities is more than enough.  If the juice is bitter for your taste, you can add a few bananas and apples into it to alter the flavour slightly and give it a little sweet edge to make it enjoyable.

Making green juice is an excellent way to do some fun family activity together as you can include your children to make the juice so that they understand where the juice comes from and take more pride in consuming something healthy.

Starting tomorrow, (August 13th) you can join our 14-Day Summer Juice Detox cleanse.  We will be posting videos every other day.  Check out the details in this video.

And, Check out the best detox juice recipe video:


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56 Comments on “The BEST Juice Recipe For Detox

  1. Sharon B Posted On

    Great to see you are a responsible,caring Dad….. I’m on my juice fast now for 8 days..I have been diagnosed with TB.What can I add to boost my immune system.I am juicing 2 apples,3 carrots, lots of spinach, oranges, 2 beetroot and ginger.This TB has been frightening and I am doing all I can to overcome it.Thanks for a great video!!

  2. Hosanna D Posted On

    Hi! I just saw this video and I have been looking for the inspiration to get back to eating healthy! I hope to follow you and learn about the different juices and hopefully get my health back! 😀

  3. kennyjent1 Posted On

    This is great! I’ve been doing a juice fast for the last 21 days and just saw this! I will definitely follow you Ka on this, as I’m going for 30 days anyway. I feel so much better already!

  4. Ka Sundance Posted On

    You can create a juice, just using a blender and a mosquito net. Throw it all in the blender, blend it and then strain the smoothie with a mosquitonet… Lets do it. Lets get healthy


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