March 14th, 2013

After Years Being On A 100% Raw Food Diet, Eating Cooked Food Again

Written by Ka Sundance

This is a response to a video we recorded in January 2010 regarding eating cooked food again.  It was a major changing point in our families diet.  And as this is one of the most viewed videos from us on Youtube with more than 200.000 views (March.2013), with hundreds of comments, we want to put it up on our blog here as well, together with our Rawfoodfamily Food diary playlist, so you can see how our diet developed from this point of time in January 2010, Ko Phan Ngnan, Thailand, South-East Asia.

 Katie (pregnant with Joa) , Me and the kids 2010
Eating Cooked Food AgainAs you all well know, we are eating a mostly raw food diet together as a family.
Ronja – our youngest- has never, ever eaten anything else in the first years of her young life. (She will be 7 in some weeks)
Even during her earliest days here on earth, throughout the whole pregnancy, she was raised completely on raw! 

After we went to Thailand in 2010, Benny told me that he was interested in eating cooked food again and wanted some rice again.

This was a magical moment.

I was so proud of my son, that he was expressing this desire of eating cooked food again so openly.  He knew how important this diet is for our family, as we were so lucky to heal his little brother Jaro, of diseases with the help of this natural diet.

So in full trust of him we both said: “Yes of course, if this is your wish!” and went to a restaurant with him one evening. 
He was just tasting some spoon-tips and was amazed by the sensation of  hot food he had to cool before putting in his mouth.

This is an experience he had not had since he was a little baby-boy.
As most of the people and “experts” have been sharing horror-stories about toxic reaction, becoming sick for many days and such things after eating some cooked food for the first time again, we were concerned.  But as we so deeply trust our kids, and also as we want to support them in their wishes, in what they ARE, we felt that we must honor his decision.
Eating Cooked Food Again
We want openess and honesty in our family. And we also want to do our part maintaining a safe place where you can share with your loved ones whatever is important to you, being heard and seen with whatever it is.

If you put too much pressure on your kids and judge them for their choices, they will start to feel bad about their desires sooner or later.

First, they will try to ignore and fight what they desire, and as that doesn´t work on a long-term, they will stop sharing it with you.

The older they get, they will be off with their peers as often as possible, but later also doing it in dark spaces to hide it from you, and not disappoint you.

This is not an option for us!
Our children deserve and need our trust and support.
This is the only way for them to explore and experience, build confidence and find out who they are and what they want.
Eating Cooked Food AgainWe have to take them very seriously and double-check as often as possible, when we really see and feel them for what they are, and when we are forcing our own personal projections and structures upon them.

What then happened is something you would not believe!

This was somehow shocking news, and it affected our family in a profound way.
Now after some years, I can appreciate my son speaking up, letting Katie and me know that he was interested in eating cooked food again, as it has opened up our minds to a wider view.

We have less stress with food, are less dogmatic, more whole and… healthier than ever!
No one in our family has needed any doctor yet, as we are simply not getting sick.
Almost 8 years and still passionate about healthy, natural living!

Have you also been on raw and then went back eating cooked food again??

Here is a playlist including our Rawfoodfamily Food Diary.
We started this in 2009, and have been recording and reviewing our exact diet from time to time in between and are still uploading new videos as we go…
Just click on the link below to access this frequently updated playlist on youtube


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126 Comments on “After Years Being On A 100% Raw Food Diet, Eating Cooked Food Again

  1. Candy Howard Posted On

    I’ve been watching you for many years… and I do remember the first video regarding your son’s request to add some cooked foods. I agree with you… and now you appear to be more at ease with your comments. You and your family are an inspiration to many of us. Thanks so much. God bless you and your family. Be kind to yourself and enjoy your life.

  2. Gabriella Bayer Posted On

    Moderation in everything and finding a balance in your life will make you happy. Most of all: Sleep & rest is #1. Your body doesn’t need so much food if you get a good night’s rest and plenty of water :)

  3. analihilator Posted On

    human evolution was driven by use of tools/control of fire, which allowed us to hunt more effectively and cook our food to extract more nutritional value from it. we have evolved to eat cooked food, as demonstrated by the complete absence of any evidence of any human culture, anywhere or anytime, that does not cook food at least once a day.humans are not designed to live on raw food. dangerous experiment to use your family for.

  4. Qwazier3 Posted On

    I like your attitude. After watching so many of the raw vegan community of You Tubers I see that reoccurring theme of “This is what you need to do and there is no other way” mentality. I could never be a fruitarian. I get belly aches from too much sugar whether it be natural or processed. I love my greens and green juices are my most favorite. Living in the north east here in the USA our winters are damn cold sometimes. Hot tea or hot soup is a must have to get you warm when the chill reaches your bones. I love steamed or grilled vegies, rice, pasta, potatoes, and yams. In the summer I don’t mind eating raw but winter is a different story. I listen to my body. Glad to hear that you listen to your children. Sometimes they have more wisdom than ourselves.

  5. Tony Rake Posted On

    Brown rice is not a health food. The bran contains anti-nutrients like phytic acid (a whopping 1,2% of brown rice is phytic acid) and toxic rancid vegetable oils. The bran does contain minerals but they CANNOT BE ABSORBED because of the anti-nutrients (phytic acid binds to minerals and makes them unabsorbable)!! So only eat white rice!Hope you comment on this Ka… Thanks.

  6. soilgrasswaterair Posted On

    I remember the video you are referring to, the one with you talking about your sons experience after trying cooked food. I think our brains are to complex and to be extreme in different ways won´t benefit us in the long run. It´s also easy to forget to be humble when you live an extreme lifestyle. Before I worked out a lot playing handboll and I loved it more than anything and I had no understanding for people who didn´t love to work out and be active. Now I can enjoy to relax and not be super active everyday. It´s nice when you find different ways and step back a few steps and you realise it is still ok.


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