December 23rd, 2013

See What We Bought Today! Shopping with The Rawfoodfamily in Costa Rica On A Farmers Market

Written by Ka Sundance

what we boughtAll this while I have been trying to promote healthy eating and lifestyle and I never really got the chance to show you how we shop. So here we are, headed to the second largest farmer market in Costa Rica to do our regular shopping. It is a huge market in the South West of Costa Rica where we find fresh and organic fruits and veggies. If you are into raw foods, you should definitely check out this market, as it will prove to be your paradise.  Check out what we bought today!

We first stopped by Ilina’s booth to check out her stuff, we found some raw cookies, crackers, organic coconut oils and some of the best medicines that are available for use. We started our shopping with buying a few raw cookies, the kids love them so we got 14 packets. The only problem with them is that they use too much plastic while packaging them.

Moving on, we reached the booth that we buy our veggies from. We bought cucumbers and carrots. Now the thing with fresh off-the-farm veggies is that they are not the ideal shape and size. They are covered with dirt, rather small what we boughtand even dirty to look at., but these are the kinds of food that one should be looking for and buying for themselves. They are the fully natural products that have maximum nutritional value. What you see in the supermarket are only chemically grown stuff that are meant to appeal to the eye of the customers.

We picked up some celery that we use for juicing, beetroots and other beautiful greens that are great for body metabolism.

We then bought ourselves melons and papayas, we chose them by touching. They are meant to be soft and juicy. When a finger is pressed onto them, there should be an impact on the fruit. The other fruits that we bought were grapes, avocado and apples. One thing that needs to be kept in mind while buying apples is that- the juicier the apple is, the poorer it is in nutrients. Look for small apples, like the ones we found in the market that are naturally grown in thewhat we bought farms.

We then moved on to the pineapple section. You can find different brands of pineapple in the market. We have to be careful of the brands because the taste may differ. The healthy ones are mostly the ones with white flesh. Then comes my favorite part of shopping… Mangoes! The variety and kinds of mangoes that one can find in Costa Rica can make anyone jealous. They are extremely juicy and people have to wait in a long queue to buy them.

We passed by the coconut booth, but didn’t buy them because we have an arrangement at the beach where a guy climbs up the tree gets it for us. Lastly we bought oranges, they are greener compared to the ones you will find at the supermarket. Some of them still had leaves and branches on them, and looked rather dirty, but that is the kind of fruit meant for a healthy lifestyle. Right beside the booth of oranges, there was a fresh orange juice stall, where we enjoyed the fresh juice and headed home.


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26 Comments on “See What We Bought Today! Shopping with The Rawfoodfamily in Costa Rica On A Farmers Market

  1. KLC8158 Posted On

    Kinda makes me wonder what exactly I’ve been eating in the fruit dept. here in the US! Very interesting and educational. Once again I am struck at how tender and sweet your older kids are with the younger ones. I just enjoy watching your kids so much. They look so sweet and happy. Makes me feel good!

  2. oniana0011 Posted On

    Everything looks so delicious . Also you own society a book called ”RAW FOOD BABY” to share with parents how to grow a healthy baby on raw diet from scratch. Who does not look week like some other vegetarian babies. I AM Serious . You are amazing. God Bless You.

  3. Colorful Canary Posted On

    Is everything there organic? How can you be sure the farmers are not using pesticides? I’ve heard that some Costa Rican farmers use very large amounts of pesticides.

  4. ReillysMom2011 Posted On

    I was wondering about the baby not in the car seat myself. U guys be careful with that. By the way good stuff. I can never find any good deals at my farmers market. I’d be better off going to a regular store smh!

  5. Joshua Johnson Posted On

    I watch all your videos and this is one of my favorites. It is so great to see what is available in Costa Rica. It is hard to find videos like this. Gracias

  6. Brooke Posted On

    Wow, that looks amazing! Sadly I live in Canada so there is only a farmers market during the summer. I would love to have a year round farmers market like that!

  7. Ka Sundance Posted On

    Today we have been at the farmers market in Costa Rica and I want to show you what produce you can buy here.


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