May 11th, 2013

Recipe of the Week – Mashed “Potatoes”

Written by Ka Sundance

It’s time again for our special featured recipe of the week.  So often people think that a raw food diet means you can’t have the food you love, that you can’t have the comfort food that so many people know and love.  Well, let us debunk that myth today, right here, right now.   We have a recipe for you today for a food that everyone knows – Mashed “Potatoes”.

Mashed “Potatoes”
Mashed "Potatoes"

½ Cauliflower

1 Large Ripe Avocado

Soy Sauce to taste


Put all the ingredients into high speed blender. Add water and soy sauce to taste.

For a really delicious version, warm your mashed “potatoes” in a dehydrator.

Remember, we will be sharing one of our favorite raw food recipes each week so stay tuned!


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