April 6th, 2011

Nutritional facts about green beans

Written by Ka Sundance


Yes, today was again one of those funny days.
If you are a parent you might know what I’m talking about.
There are these green Beans,. And, whenever I ask my children to eat them, they go „ Yak, We don’t like green beans. „
So, I end up eating them alone!

But, every now and then- let’s say every 3-4 weeks, they look into the fridge and find some green beans and suddendly they start eating them- like-all of them !
All my children sit down and empty one or two bags of green beans…nothing with it, just green beans! Normally those GREEN BEAN DAYS go on for 3-4 days and than suddendly stop.
Of course I got courios now, that is why I did some research on GREEN BEANS.

Green Beans , while very low in calories, are loaded with nutrients. An excellent source of Vitamin K, iron, Vitamin C. And they are a good source of riboflavin, magnesium, calcium,protein and Omega3 fatty acids .
The Vitami K provided by Green Beans is important for maintaining strong bones.

Vitamin K is known to be needed to maintain proper bone density and to coagulate blood.
Well, like you see our children seem to know what is good for them!
I take that as proof that your body lets you know what is needed, when you start to listen to it.

Let us know, what you think. Do your raw food children have habits like that?
Or do you have interesting green bean recipes to share?
Leave your comments or write to us at contact@therawfoodfamily.com

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