May 6th, 2013

Important Tools to Get Started on a Raw Food Diet

Written by Ka Sundance

Bringing about a change in your existing lifestyle is not a very easy task.  This is true with your diet as well.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut especially if you don’t have the important tools to get started on a raw food diet.

You get so absorbed and used to your present way of living that you want to do little to make any drastic changes. The most important aspect of your everyday life is food. You may not realize it but you eat a great deal of junk on a daily basis without any guilt.

You may find it difficult to eat healthy given your hectic work schedule and your need to stick to deadlines. You couldn’t care less as to what goes into your body and how much of the nutrients are retained.

Important Tools to Get Started on a Raw Food DietHowever, you must make it a point to take some time out from your busy schedule to understand your body and its needs. Your body is screaming for help. It needs nourishment and good food to keep the systems within your body running smoothly.

If your nose scrunches up automatically at the sound of raw food, the following 3 tools will enable that you stick to the raw food diet without giving up. Eventually, your body will show the glorious results and your mind will adjust with the food. So, what are the three most important tools to get started on a raw food diet?

1.) Knives:
You may find it trivial but having a good set of knives is considered as one of the important tools to get started on a raw food diet. It is essential that you choose ceramic knives over metal ones. The difference between the two is not very drastic but ceramic knives are far too sharp compared to the metal ones. It always pays well to invest in a good, expensive and branded set of ceramic knives. You can use any knife for that matter; the material does not really make a very significant difference.

2.) Blender:
If you want to survive for longer on raw food, it is always advisable that you invest in a good quality blender. Blenders can be used to make a wide variety of raw food delicacies. For people who are not very big fans of raw foods, this blender is a perfect tool for you. If you thought that smoothies, ice creams , milkshakes, sauces and dressings taste good only when they have processed ingredients in them, try making the smoothies and juices with your raw foods. You will be surprised to know that these raw foods taste amazing too. However, some people may think that buying cheap blenders is better than buying expensive ones. However, think about it; would you invest a good amount in the start for an expensive blender or would you rather keep replacing parts of a cheap blender making it cost more than the branded one? Choose wisely.

3.) Recipe books:
One of the important tools to get started on a raw food diet is getting gourmet recipe books and looking up recipes online for your raw foods. You can make raw pizzas, pastas ,cookies, cakes and everything else that you crave with raw food.  I am happy to share many of the recipes we eat as a family every day in our book The 70 Best Raw Food Recipes.   You will find many delicious and nutritious treats in this book.

These tools are the bedrock of a raw food diet.  As with anything, if you don’t have the proper tools, you will have a much more difficult time being successful!



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25 Comments on “Important Tools to Get Started on a Raw Food Diet

  1. Amir Amran Posted On

    homemade raw cracker from buckwheat and raw tahini homemade from whole sesami is good for me to stick to high raw! tasty, simple to make, so few ingredients, too easy! everyone can make them. so easy!

  2. bypetual1 Posted On

    Hey Ka, I may be coming to Bali this summer with Fateh Bolivar from WaterFalls Villas! Just down from where you lived in CR! I loved Fateh and Franco! Any chance of us hooking up with you this summer? I tried to leave my personal email and it wouldn’t let me! :(

  3. ZeusHelios Posted On

    Is the vitamix made of metal or plastic. I have heard that plastics are not good for you as they may leak into your food. I have heard that you should pulse your blender, that is to say you start and stop it continuously until you have blended your food. Should you just drink your juice or should you hold it in your mouth for a short time before swallowing so that the enzymes from your saliva start the digestive process and is supposed to be good for you

  4. RosalindandPearls Posted On

    Good morning Ka, 7h28am here ! Good infos in this video as always. I wish you and your family a great day !

  5. Ka Sundance Posted On

    That is right! Sometimes it is cheaper to pay a bit more up front, than having to pay over and over again, as the cheap products brake down so quick…

  6. TONYLOUIS100 Posted On

    I’ve yet to purchase a good blender. i’ve been chewing my raw greens and it’s tough I will look at the Vitamax or K tech blenders thanks for sharing your video

  7. olgalololga Posted On

    Hello, Ka! I’m so happy to find ur channel! Thank you so much for ur videos and for sharing this useful information! Can’t stop to watch it))) thanx again & have a great day!!!

  8. Ka Sundance Posted On

    If you finally want to go on a raw food diet and stick to it, you must make sure you have those 3 basic tools I am talking about in this video.


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