February 4th, 2014

How We Manage To Travel The World With 5 Kids Non-Stop

Written by Ka Sundance

I wanted to answer questions that we are quite frequently asked by many people- how do we manage to buy organic food for the entire family everyday, and how is it conceivably possible to travel the world all the time with a big family like ours consisting of five kids, and still live this beautiful lifestyle wherein we are free to do as we like. The answer to both the questions is that we try to help people to be happy and become healthier. We do this through our various courses, our books, and mostly through social networking sites.

travel the worldWe are on a mission here, we are here to help people, and that is exactly how I see it. Some people laugh at that thought, but as I have always stated earlier I choose to ignore the negativity and try and concentrate only on my mission. I am doing my bit in the humblest way I can, to make this world a better place to dwell in.

There are so many people who are not even aware that there is something called as the ‘Raw Food Diet’. I am extremely passionate to educate the world, and this is exactly what we do to make a living with and is successful, too.

More than people wanting to know how my family and I travel the world, they essentially want to know how can they travel the world and do the same thing. This is the main reason we have decided to create a free tele-class.  This tele-class will enlighten and show one how someone who is interested in such a thing can create financial abundance simply by helping and serving people.  You can join us for free at healthy-online-business.com

travel the worldIf you are a person who believes in helping and serving and knows that you are not meant to do a slave job or a routine job everyday. I have been there and experienced that phase. I was stuck in the corporate world for the longest time, I didn’t have the time to see my kids and I was so unhappy and sick. I want to tell this to everyone that I am not lucky; all of this didn’t come easy to me.  It is not as though I have always been able to travel the world like this.  I have worked extremely hard to be in the position I am in today, helping people and being financially secure.

I come from poverty; we have achieved all this only because my wife and I made a travel the worldvery strong decision that we need to stop this and concentrate on our passion and we dared to take that step. I want to help each one of you to make a difference, to help you reach your full potential. Abundance for me is to reach abundance on all levels, not just health or financially. I see it as there is so much for everyone, the universe is full of abundance, there is endless energy and money. It is actually the mindsets of people that stop them from achieving what they are capable of.

I want to help you by sharing with you about natural health and healing, and this is what the free tele-class is for. I will be sharing all my secrets that I have successfully gathered over the last few years. The authenticity is the only reason for our success because that is why people can connect with us.

Remember, You can join us for our free teleclass today at healthy-online-business.com

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  1. John Miller Posted On

    paradise. but don’t go fill it up before I can afford to relocate my family there…. We learn everyday and look at locations in the non military Costa Rica… I will be living there and changing my families energy to up lift us..


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