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How to Deal with Negative People on the Internet


negative peopleAt some point in time, in today’s world no one can escape from the negative people on the Internet.  I want to share with you how Katie and I deal with this on the Internet to help get you thinking over it.

We both have decided very deliberately to not give it any attention. We are not against the war or against drugs. We are just pro life, pro organic food and promote raw food eating. We are surely not against anything, but we are definitely in support of eating healthful food. In my opinion and even generally, if you focus on the negative things in life you unknowingly become a part of the problem and you attract negativity. You eventually become the problem. Instead I want to concentrate on the solution. To do that it is advisable to not even think about it consciously, or post about it. Refrain from joining causes like stop animal cruelty, because again the focus should be on the solution and not the problem.

negative peopleImagine if we all humans decide to only concentrate on positive things for just one day and concentrate on law of positivity. My belief is that when it actually happens we will flip this world upside down and make it a much better place to live in. So, very consciously don’t join the ‘against causes on Facebook’. Everything I do in my day-to-day life I want to concentrate on the love and then spread that love through the Internet.  Many people who create conspiracy, they want to shut themselves off from reality, but after all it is just where one puts their focus.

Secondly, many times we do not know how to deal with hateful comments on Facebook or all over the Internet. We have a huge social presence and the number of followers is increasing everyday. We face hateful comments and it’s normal, but thankfully ninety nine percent of the people get inspired and love us. However, there are the haters, and earlier, before we decided to not pay attention to the negativity, I used to run a quick research on their profile online and offline. From the messages they post one will find out that they only spread hate. In short, I am trying to say is negative peoplethat it is not just you or your posts that they target, they just do it generally. For example, you may post something extremely positive, a loving message, but someone might find something negative even in that. Don’t let this affect you and refrain you from sharing a beautiful message online with the world.

I want to change the world, and I am trying to do the best I can by not letting negativity stop us from doing the good work. I am on an important mission to make love bigger than hate, and it has always been that way. I want to thank all the people who have subscribed to my channel and I want to wish you all a very happy 2014.



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  1. @Ka – I completely agree not to feed the negativity/ hate/ drama. But, when you come face-to-face with someone who is negative/hateful/drama-filled, then can you be loving towards the hater if they continue to be hateful? Online hate messages can be handled much more easier, not that it’s “easy’.

  2. You are a marketer and therefor you need a thick skin. Still, I wish people who get vile comments on their channel or other networks would just delete them so the rest of use don’t have to see them

  3. …just because people are speaking against something doesn’t mean they are being negative. It goes a lot deeper than that. If we all just ignored things, some just wouldn’t go away when they should. Imagine if everyone just ignored Hitler during his reign and just payed it no mind. Nothing would have changed and it just would have gotten worse. I understand what you are saying, but people aren’t always “complaining” when they speak out.

  4. I feel like you made this video for me. I was having a hard time getting some thumbs down on some of my videos and I asked a fellow YouTuber how they deal with negativity. Then I log-in and see your video. It is best to ignore the people with negative vibes. I spread LOVE and share positive things. Cheers to 2014! :o)

  5. Food for thought indeed. What I am curious about, still, is the following: Isn’t it true that the message of love can be stronger by uncovering unhealthy things, which we can then decide to cut out our lives? For example, not everyone knows the effects of GMOs or is even aware of the chemicals on some furniture. Would be it negative/hateful to alert others of the dangers? I think not, but there’s a fine line. You can either dwell on the negative aspects or focus on the positive, but there has to be room to grow, to learn about stuff that is harmful. If you were never informed about GMOs or pesticides, I think you could still be very happy, yes, but you do know and act accordingly, spreading a positive message about what you stand for and that excludes GMOs and pesticides.I think this is a complicated issue, but largely I completely agree with you on the focus. I have a hard time personally with that and I realize it is a problem. By always learning about bad stuff, it tends to come at a price. I would never have been able to formulate my own way how to shop or what to eat or what politics I support or being able to advice others about choices.Anyway, to always focus on negative stuff is destructive, true. Destructive to yourself and others around you, even if you mean well. Life could even become too complicated, because everything could be seen to have a negative side, as you say.Thanks for making me think about this more and a happy 2014.

  6. How do you differentiate between negativity and sharing knowledge, critical thought and education.You could consider a comment negative, as it might be contradicting a point you have made but there might be some valuable truth in it. I admire passion and critical thinking… we wouldn’t celebrate Mandela, the Suffragettes and all the other souls who are bold and swim against the stream. i believe that as soon as you are closing up against the critical exchange of thoughts, you become stagnant. There can be some truth in what hurts and if you are not open for a point of view of another person it might just be because that is the little something you have been trying to hide from yourself and others. If you are open for real inner growth and not just a smooth ride then be open and listen to criticism. It is critical thought that brought me to raw foods and therefore i shall cherish it. :)

  7. I am going to have to disagree with you on this one. If you don’t shine light on the darkness, then the darkness doesn’t go away. I believe in educating people about animal cruelity. I became vegetarian after finding out about the horrors of factory farms. If know one had spoken up about what was going on, then alot of people would still be in denial about the horrors of this world and nothing would get done. There is a famous quote by Paul McCartney who is vegetarian, in which he says if “Slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian.” Petitions to me are about educating people and pressing for change.

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