February 2nd, 2013

How do you know you are gluten intolerant?

Written by Ka Sundance

How do you know you are Gluten intolerant??

Gluten intolerance symptoms can be extremely serious. If you experience gluten intolerance symptoms, read this before you eat your next slice of bread. You may need to eliminate gluten from your diet immediately.

How do you know you are Gluten intolerant .. Read more:

How do you know you are gluten intolerantGluten intolerance symptoms, or celiac disease symptoms, are the result of an autoimmune disorder coupled with long term malnutrition. It begins as your body’s inability to process certain proteins but then evolves into a serious form of malnutrition. When your body can’t handle those proteins in wheat, barley and rye, the villi in your intestines slowly die off. These villi are like little micro hairs that capture nutrients from your food as it passes through your digestive tract. Without these villi lining your intestine, your body struggles to process all foods (not just foods with gluten). In turn, this leads to a plethora of conditions resulting from malnutrition.

How do you know you are Gluten intolerant – The main symptoms:

1. A sign of feeling tired, dizzy – Early gluten intolerance symptoms include gas and bloating, especially after eating something with gluten in it. A little later, you develop constipation, fatigue and dizziness.

2. Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea , Constipation – When you have digestive problems resulting in diarrhea, gas, constipation etc it’s a sign that your stomach is unable to digest bread or wheat products. Symptoms include abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, chronic fatigue, anemia, headaches, numbness in your hands and feet, increasing allergies and asthma and night sweats.

3. Migraines or headaches after consuming bread – If you suffer from migraines and headaches on a frequent basis especially after you have just eaten bread or wheat products. Try avoiding wheat products for a while and see if the migraines or headaches stop.

4. Hormonal Imbalances – Hormone imbalances such as PMS or unexplained infertility, all kind of hormonal balances can be related to a Gluten intolerance.

5. Swelling or pain of your joints – Any kind of swelling or pain in your joints and signs of it being stiff can be related to your intolerance to Gluten.

6. Mood swings, Depressions – Having regular mood swings, a feeling of anxiety or feeling depressed is a sign of your intolerance towards gluten or bread.

7. Dizziness – This is another important symptom for people who eat excessive bread. This normally should not occur with a regular diet, try staying away from bread for a while and see the results.

8. Chicken Skin – If you feel your skin is not smooth especially if this has been happening after your consumption of bread regularly. It could be a allergic reaction or it could be that your body is not getting enough Vitamin A due to a gluten intolerance.

The most important thing for you to do is to completely eliminate gluten from your diet. I mean everything: check supplements to make sure gluten isn’t used as a filler or carrier. Check to make sure cookies that don’t have gluten weren’t manufactured in a facility that also processed gluten. A gluten-free diet is a must and you need to be strict. I hope this provides you with a basic grasp of the breadth and seriousness of gluten allergy symptoms. Those were the main symptoms to figure out how do you know you are Gluten intolerant. I hope you found my article helpful and I’m hoping to see you make a change in your lifestyle.

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79 Comments on “How do you know you are gluten intolerant?

  1. Chaiti Rector Posted On

    Just curious does anyone know if Jesus Christ and people of that era eat bread if so what kind was it?

  2. macbookpro57 Posted On

    I just got tested for gluten and found out that my whole family is gluten intolerant, and it sucks because i’m about to go to college

  3. Barend Coetzer Posted On

    We own our own whole wheat and whole rye bakery (both of which contain gluten) and we have found through our own experiences and those of our clients, that a number of the symptoms listed in this video are not necessarily related to gluten, but the process in which bread / pasta is mass produced today. I agree that no one should feel these symptoms after eating for example bread, but have you asked yourself whether they may be caused by colorants, bleaches, emulsifiers, substances known as “yoga mat” for example to make the bread more stretchy? I know that people don’t know what they’re putting into their bodies, and unfortunately a lot of the blame is falling to gluten. Mass production means bread can’t rise for long, resulting in “raw” gluten and then difficulty digesting. I know there are people with gluten allergies / sensitivities but especially the bloatedness / heartburn we’ve found disapears in almost all cases where people start to eat our breads (sourdough, wholewheat and dough rested for 24 hours)

  4. Kat Wolf Posted On

    Thank you for this video my friend – I am on a quest with all my heart and with all the passion my being will allow – once again thank you – this has been helpful.A wonderful message I one I share – listen to your body.


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