September 12th, 2012

Blood Tests Of Our Raw Food Family With 4 Kids

Written by Ka Sundance

We have been on a raw food diet with our 4 kids for almost 8 years.  To have peace of mind, we do blood tests on all of us on a frequent base.  This is something we highly, highly recommend for you and your family as well.

It does give you peace of mind, and will give you backup for all situations with family and friends who think that you are crazy doing something that natural and drug-free with your children.  It is so important to get verified from a scientific point of view, so good to have peace of mind, or know exactly where there are problems, so you can act and solve them

First and foremost:
All levels are good!  We all as The Rawfoodfamily being on a raw food diet with the kids for years are doing very well, and the doctors have confirmed that!  My wife Katie, has given birth to 4 kids over the last 10 years, and has been breastfeeding almost non-stop for those 10 years as well.  If there is anyone who needs extra nutrients, she is the one, and all levels are well with her!

One of the main reasons, why this works so well for us is THE GREEN JUICES!  We eat daily several gallons of green juice, fully ripe tropical fruits, fresh young coconut water, lots of locally ripe wild superfoods and wild herbs, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Plus we have some brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat noodles as an add-on to the salads, to make sure we all get the calories we need.

That is it.  No drugs, no processed foods!

When did you check your levels, and what are they looking like?

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39 Comments on “Blood Tests Of Our Raw Food Family With 4 Kids

  1. keith wong Posted On

    My daughter is on raw vegetable and fruits diet and she is healthy and beaming with joy and bursting with energy:) . Ka! Thanks for the sharing. However i dont give supplements to my daughter at this moment. What i do to make the food more diverse, wholesome and interesting is using this gadget i got from Amazon. Truly fun and amazing. Hope the share is useful for parents wanting to start their children and make them eat more vegetables and fruits.

  2. mari lena Posted On

    For the iron issue, i would suggest you to juice beetroot with lemon and oranges, if you can add some maca powder in it, since i started to make this type of juice my iron issue disappeared, also i would suggest you to consume buckwheat(they’re gluten free!!) they are an amazing grain

  3. Gabrielle De Mello Posted On

    Hi Ka, I love your videos and have followed you and your family for a while now. I am also vegan and recently my family found this channel on youtube with amazing amazing amazing nutrition facts all based in research. The videos are short, easy to understand and funny! And the best part, they totally support the plant based diet. You are going to love it! Things we already know with scientific support. The number of vegans are going to increase!This is the page, I chose the part that has videos about the B12 that it is extremely important for us. channel here on youtube is Nutrion Facts. It is totally worth it!!

  4. Christina Hirsch Posted On

    Dear Ka, I understand, that you would like to engourage people to make blood test to have a peace of mind. But I like to point out, that this can lead to a FALSE peace of mind. A friend of mine made a blood-test and b12 was within the range. But he still felt extremely tired in the evening. I suggested taking b12 shots and he felt better within few days. His tiredness disappeared completely. Modern science does not understand everything, in the field of nutrition, a lot of factors are unknown. So, it is important, not only to trust the scientific tests, but to listen to your body and try out different things yourself. All the best, Christina


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