September 12th, 2012

Blood Tests Of Our Raw Food Family With 4 Kids

Written by Ka Sundance

We have been on a raw food diet with our 4 kids for almost 8 years.  To have peace of mind, we do blood tests on all of us on a frequent base.  This is something we highly, highly recommend for you and your family as well.

It does give you peace of mind, and will give you backup for all situations with family and friends who think that you are crazy doing something that natural and drug-free with your children.  It is so important to get verified from a scientific point of view, so good to have peace of mind, or know exactly where there are problems, so you can act and solve them

First and foremost:
All levels are good!  We all as The Rawfoodfamily being on a raw food diet with the kids for years are doing very well, and the doctors have confirmed that!  My wife Katie, has given birth to 4 kids over the last 10 years, and has been breastfeeding almost non-stop for those 10 years as well.  If there is anyone who needs extra nutrients, she is the one, and all levels are well with her!

One of the main reasons, why this works so well for us is THE GREEN JUICES!  We eat daily several gallons of green juice, fully ripe tropical fruits, fresh young coconut water, lots of locally ripe wild superfoods and wild herbs, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Plus we have some brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat noodles as an add-on to the salads, to make sure we all get the calories we need.

That is it.  No drugs, no processed foods!

When did you check your levels, and what are they looking like?

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33 Comments on “Blood Tests Of Our Raw Food Family With 4 Kids

  1. GreenTea4101 Posted On

    i just ate some nice juicy steak with mashed potatoes and a Salad to go with it… mMMmmmm steak was soo good… all blooodyy n shit haha

  2. Shannon Tyler Posted On

    Any raw foodists want to be friends an Facebook? I’m Shannon Tyler and my YouTube pic is the same. I’m hoping to connect with others and exchange ideas. Thank you!

  3. grassrootsvegan Posted On

    I think you’re right about green juicing. Following 811, I find it a challenge to eat enough greens. I do green smoothies, but it sounds like green juices give a higher consentration of minirals.

  4. Ka Sundance Posted On

    Right now we use the vitamix to blend the greens, and a mosquito net to strain it. The green star AND the vitamix is just too much to handle when you travel around the world with 4 kids…

  5. anyuisbjoern Posted On

    dr william from renegade health who blog on kevin giannis site, test all bloodlevel not just the which is paid from the health insurance. Actually this are normaly good, its only worse if you realy eat fucking fast food and smoking all time. So to realy now the bloodlevels you have to do a full extanded bloodtest, like harley does or kevin gianni does. its just not eneough. still its good?!


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