September 17th, 2013

Behind the Scenes with the Rawfoodfamily

Written by Ka Sundance

I am excited to share this video with you, giving some insights to our personal life.  We are often asked many questions about how we live, how we afford to travel, how we school our kids so I want to answer some of these questions.

We are currently living in a beautiful villa, near a beautiful lake in Cost Rica.   The views are absolutely mesmerizing, and the kids love it here!  Prior to this we spent the summer in Germany with family and friend and before that our family spent three quarters of the year in south East Asia. We had started our Asian expedition from Thailand and ended it in Bali via Malaysia. Thailand is a beautiful country where you find lots and lots of fruits. The religion Buddhism, which is followed there, symbolizes immense patience which is really needed in the whole world right now.

The two most important questions that I want to answer in this behind the scenes video are:

behind the scenesHow do we manage to educate the kids despite of so much travelling?

We accept the fact that our kids don’t go to school for the obvious reason of regular travelling but we make sure that our kids are imparted with a quality education.  We believe in practical education more than the textual induction.  If our kids want to learn about elephants they can learn by taking a close look at them in Thailand.  Our kids know three different languages which is quite a feat for someone of such small age.

We respect the contemporary education pattern as well, we gather information about what is to be taught at a particular age and refer to the books available online.  We are in full support of our kids graduating and will provide them will all the guidance needed.

How do we finance a big family?

Neither of us  were born with a silver spoon, in fact we had made some uncomfortable decisions about which we were pretty unsecure but it was our heart based business and the will to help the people attain a healthy lifestyle which ultimately turned out as an abundant source of income for us. We are educators, we write eBooks about how to get started with raw food or raise healthy kids; we make YouTube videos as well which interact with people who are passionate about raw food. So Katie and I created a program containing all our knowledge to support those people who want to help others and it is paying us really well.
It is called “The Rawfoodfamily Business School” and you can have a look here

With planning, and some work these circumstances can work for you too – we feel so blessed and abundant and that is why we want to share this experience with you!


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27 Comments on “Behind the Scenes with the Rawfoodfamily

  1. MarioGirl64 Posted On

    Yes dam is the correct word for it! I love watching your videos and also want to start a business with raw food but i dont have any money to buy your business course as im only 17…what should i do?

  2. Bianca Diana Posted On

    Love this. It’s always interesting and inspiring to see the lives of others. Especially such a beautiful family like this!

  3. prettylittleladyeh Posted On

    Ka! Do you just make money off of the video’s on youtube or is it your books that makes the most money? Where does the majority of your income come from?

  4. Mango Ryder Posted On

    It’s great you can travel which is very important but your kids don’t live in the real world… They might find the real world shocking … Just a concern

  5. Meowjuana Posted On

    It is called a dam :) I used to built those too when I was a child. Your children must have the best time ever!

  6. mcguffin Posted On

    We homeschooled here in the states. Best thing to do for many folks. BTW, your youngest son’s “white” hair is beautiful. I’m needing more info. on raw food since I may have M.S. and many say eating raw food is the best.

  7. Ka Sundance Posted On

    We answer two of the most asked questions:1: Do our kids go to school?2. How do we finance our travels around the world


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