September 17th, 2013

Behind the Scenes with the Rawfoodfamily

Written by Ka Sundance

I am excited to share this video with you, giving some insights to our personal life.  We are often asked many questions about how we live, how we afford to travel, how we school our kids so I want to answer some of these questions.

We are currently living in a beautiful villa, near a beautiful lake in Cost Rica.   The views are absolutely mesmerizing, and the kids love it here!  Prior to this we spent the summer in Germany with family and friend and before that our family spent three quarters of the year in south East Asia. We had started our Asian expedition from Thailand and ended it in Bali via Malaysia. Thailand is a beautiful country where you find lots and lots of fruits. The religion Buddhism, which is followed there, symbolizes immense patience which is really needed in the whole world right now.

The two most important questions that I want to answer in this behind the scenes video are:

behind the scenesHow do we manage to educate the kids despite of so much travelling?

We accept the fact that our kids don’t go to school for the obvious reason of regular travelling but we make sure that our kids are imparted with a quality education.  We believe in practical education more than the textual induction.  If our kids want to learn about elephants they can learn by taking a close look at them in Thailand.  Our kids know three different languages which is quite a feat for someone of such small age.

We respect the contemporary education pattern as well, we gather information about what is to be taught at a particular age and refer to the books available online.  We are in full support of our kids graduating and will provide them will all the guidance needed.

How do we finance a big family?

Neither of us  were born with a silver spoon, in fact we had made some uncomfortable decisions about which we were pretty unsecure but it was our heart based business and the will to help the people attain a healthy lifestyle which ultimately turned out as an abundant source of income for us. We are educators, we write eBooks about how to get started with raw food or raise healthy kids; we make YouTube videos as well which interact with people who are passionate about raw food. So Katie and I created a program containing all our knowledge to support those people who want to help others and it is paying us really well.
It is called “The Rawfoodfamily Business School” and you can have a look here

With planning, and some work these circumstances can work for you too – we feel so blessed and abundant and that is why we want to share this experience with you!


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51 Comments on “Behind the Scenes with the Rawfoodfamily

  1. FRUIT EATER Posted On

    Fuck zombies murder murders because one day they will run out of life stock to feed on & we’re next & fuck fruitarians who think their fruitarians &still eat nuts which are seeds which are life which makes them zombies just like the rest of the other fuckin flesh fiends a salad is not a fuckin fruit & neither is a fuckin potatoe or a carrot or milk you fuckin idiots 100% fruit diet is a fruitarian fuck all you haters you will remain with the devil until you practice a 100% fruit diet fuckin murderers & fuck germs if they try to kill you kill them self fuckin defense bitch the germ has a choice just like us it’s when they test us that our immune system kills them do the same to these fuckin zombies because they will turn on us when the time come don’t let that fuckin time come & end it now trust me

  2. Brogan Maclean Posted On

    So just to clarify.. you make your money by teaching a raw food/positive thinking lifestyle… kind of like “Life Gurus” so to speak? If I am correct, then I’d say that you’ve been running on quite a bit of luck. This type of teaching is usually geared towards the more affluent types of people who buy into that sort of stuff. I’m sure you’re not lying when you say that you want to reach as many people as possible, but the field that you earn money in is very limited in terms of how many people can earn money too. The reason why I’m writing this comment is because I’m getting the sense that you believe that people who are in poverty or generally, people are in a position they want to get out of always have the choice to get a better life if they genuinely want it. You obviously know what poverty looks like having been to all of these developing countries, but what is unclear to me is whether you’ve really paid any meaningful attention into how poverty exists there. Saying it’s all down to choice of the individual is kick in the teeth really.

  3. Marcella Smith Posted On

    Thank you for a good video, inspirational indeed. I would like to follow my passion also of teaching health and healthy living. My dream is to live in Costa Rica some day too! I will find your website and look at your support materials in starting a good business, thank you!

  4. Richard Cox Posted On

    This is exactly what we are looking for…where in Costa Rica is this. I am American and I would like to fly in, live there for a few months, purchase and then resell the vehicle we drive and then sell it when we leave.

  5. Karla King Posted On

    Thanks for trying but I am not clear as to how to afford this life style. I absolutely admire what you can with so many children. I am a single mom to a wonderful son and I feel so fortunate to have the job I have as a special needs care giver just because it affords me the time to be with my son Mon to Fri every week. However, I truly hate what I do, I hate the ungrateful and selfish people I deal with and would love a way out without altering my life style (too much).I believe unschooing is our true path but would love to see us doing better without the a****holes I work for now.

  6. Nor Easter Posted On

    Shame on this guy!! But even worse are the fools in the comments sections who look up to this White Clown. You all realize the reality…right? This guy inherits old money finds some other bourgeois lady to start a family with and travel around making videos of their international “charmed life” where everything is so “amazing” and the “villa is incredible, the toucans are out every day” the costa ricas are “so relaxed and so happy”. If you have a lot of money like this Shameless White Clown making videos of a life that most people can’t live, that’s Disgusting and only reinforces the stereotype that the Rich are totally Self-Absorbed and Oblivious to the reality of other social classes. I can tell you for a fact, the everyday Costa Rican isn’t sitting back living some abundant life, they race around in their cars stressed out, struggle with the little money they make, and don’t travel around the country as much as tourists. It’s true that they are friendly and smile but that’s a humility built into the culture.

  7. Milly S Posted On

    You’re family and ethics are so inspirational, if more thought and behaved like you what a fantastic world we would live in!

  8. makeapennycry Posted On

    wonderful video thank you! We homeschooled (best decision ever) our son who started college at 14 and is doing awesome at 25! What lovely children you have :)


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