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January 22nd, 2015

5 Steps To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

Written by Ka Sundance


Would you like to know five steps to manifest anything you want? They have been on my mind in the last few days.  I was talking to a friend from my past recently who knew me when I had no money, was on social benefits and you couldn’t buy the things I needed for my kids. He wondered how I could now be living in paradise.  He noticed how happy I was and how I had achieved financial freedom in only a few years.  He asked how I went from that to having abundance, joy, meaning and health in my life in such a short time.  This made me stop and really look at this because my life simply feels normal to me. I realized it really is extraordinary to have a complete 180 turn in your life in such a short time. Other people who have known me longer ask me this a lot.  There has been such a transformation and change in my life and I want to help others achieve this.


How can you have anything you want in your life?  And I mean anything. There are no limitations except the ones you set for yourself.  If you think “oh man, I will never be able to have that or do that” – you will be right.  You will be absolutely right.  However, if you expect things to be smooth, easy, effortless and fun – you will be absolutely right as well.  No matter what you believe you will find proof of just that.  You will find the truth for the beliefs you perceive your reality through.  Think of it like a set of glasses you have put on. Everything you see is colored by those glasses. Most of these glasses were put on a long you time ago and you have no idea what the world looks like without them.  They are just glasses, you can take them off and put on a new pair.  It is your choice.


I want to invite you today to put on a new set of glasses and follow my five steps to manifest anything you want in your life.  These are not just empty words, I am living a life right now that I manifested.

 1.   Be very specific and clear about what you want and why.  You need to know the motivation behind it.  You cannot just say “I want more money” – the universe will give you a dime. Are you happy, this is what you asked for?  If you say “I want to lose weight”, you will lose a few grams and that’s it.   You have to be very specific with numbers and goals. If you are specific with defining your goal, you will see specific ways to get there.  Your mind is made that way. It will give you the path you need to reach your goal.  Just be careful with the specific goals you set and what they mean to you.  Why do you want this?  It is not just the money, you want to feel free, to be able to afford healthier foods and to take a vacation to a tropical paradise.  How would those things make you feel?  You need to imagine those things and how you will feel when you have them.  The goal has to make you feel so excited that you will do whatever it takes to get there.


 2.   What is the first step?  Very often people get overwhelmed trying to see the entire road in front of them.  They don’t know where to start.  If you wanted to drive to New York City you would choose a route and take each exit as it came.  You wouldn’t doubt the signs you saw, you would just believe they would lead you to NY.  This is the exact same with your goals and the Universe and you manifesting what you need.  If you just trust and believe the signs that come up on the way to your goal, you will get there.  Things will happen.  Take it easy, it will happen – the signs will be there- just take the first steps. Break it down into small actions and move forward.  Don’t try and see the entire path all at once.

 3.   Just do it.  You can buy the most expensive membership in the best gym on earth but you will not lose a single gram of fat if you don’t get up, go in and exercise.  Knowledge itself, books, programs and the like are worth nothing until you apply the knowledge.  This is where the magic starts.  You have to take action.   People make the mistake of thinking they can dream and meditate their way to their goals.  This is the biggest misconception out there – it is not enough to just dream about it.  You have to get off your butt and do it.

 4.  Don’t demand it to happen immediately or try to force it. People run around like headless chickens trying to take action all over the place.  This will lead to failure.  You have to relax and let it go.  Take for example if you order something from Amazon.  You pick something you would like.  You take action and hit the order button.  You would not keep running around checking the order, re-ordering, checking the mail, checking the tracking number.  You would sit back and wait for it to arrive, knowing it might take a little while.  This is important – the one who knows a specific goal will be achieved doesn’t need it to happen today.  They know it will happen.  It is only if you are in doubt about your goal and are uncertain that you will demand it happen right away.  This attitude keeps you from your goal, it affirms that you have not achieved it.  If you lean back and know that it will be there in time – you become one with the goal.  Expect and know that it will manifest once you have taken a step.

 5.   Become aware of hints and clues.  If you have a specific goal your mind is trained to see the things that will help you to get there.  You basically have to get out of the way with your thinking.  It is in your way.  See with your heart.  You will start to see so much support in the form of people, gifts, real life signs, videos – you will be supported.  If you have the right goal that makes you excited and passionate, you will be aligned with this reality.  You will see hints and support all along the way.  If you see them, the next thing is to act upon them, grab them without thinking and move forward.  If you can understand and incorporate these tips into your life, you can achieve anything and everything you want.


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January 18th, 2015

11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went On A Plant-Based, Raw-Vegan Diet!

Written by Ka Sundance

These are the 11 things I wish someone would have talked to me about before I started on a plant-based, raw-vegan diet.  They would have really helped me on my journey.  These tips should help you make an easy and informed change of diet.

 1.   Plants are cheap and super foods are not.  This means it can be cheaper to go on a healthy diet.  Plants and fruits are cheap to buy. They are easy to get at your local supermarket (most carry organic now) or at local farmers markets.  It is important to be aware that you cannot live on only carrots and apples alone.  You will have to buy some super foods and they are not cheap, you will have to be prepared to spend on them.  If you don’t want to go on a 100% raw diet you can add some cooked foods to your diet.

2.   Cravings can be brutal!  I can’t say it any other way.  The first couple of days without your beloved foods can be very difficult.  Especially if you don’t follow my advice and prepare.  You can get some incredible gourmet substitutes and you will not miss out on your favorites.  So be prepared and get some good recipes or go to your local health food market and buy a gourmet substitute of the special foods you love most.  There are some incredible companies out there making great raw and vegan foods that are the ones people love most.  

 3.   Smoothies are fantastic!  Yes, you will need a blender for them.  They are so easy – throw in all the fruits you like, add a cup of water, blend and drink!  This is a quick and healthy meal.  They are great in the morning when you are pressed for time and can even be taken in a thermos to work for a healthy snack.  Smoothies are very popular now and there are several healthy shops making healthy and delicious smoothies in most cities.  This is a great alternative if you can’t afford a good blender yet.


 4.   Juices are very valuable.  They have more nutrients per serving than smoothies.  I continually promote green juices, they are essential for you.  They are a very important part of a raw and vegan diet.  They are an amazing way to get a ton of green veggies into your body easily – if you had to chew and eat the same amount of food that you can juice – it would be hard!  You can juice a wide assortment of green veggies and add some fruit to sweeten and you feel energized as soon as you drink it!

 5.   You can get enough protein and vitamin B12 on a vegan diet.  I have to keep reminding people about this fact.  Seaweeds, hemp seeds, dark green veggies are just a few of the many, many options available to you.  You do not have to consume meat, chicken or fish as many people still believe.  When you begin to do your own research on the internet you will soon learn how easy it will be to get everything you need and remain vegan.

 6.   Green stuff is easy to sneak into other foods!  You don’t have to chew on a kale leaf all day!  For example take a date and put a kale leaf inside after you take the pit out.  When you do your green juices add some fruit to make it sweeter and more appealing.  You will be amazed at the many, many recipes and ways of incorporating green foods into other tasty foods.  Vegan and raw diets are now so varied and filled with gourmet options it is incredible.

 7.   You can acquire taste but you can’t acquire textures.  You can substitute healthy alternatives to change the texture of things.   You can change the taste with sweeter things hiding greens and you can alter textures.  For example you can use chia seeds to make awesome puddings or cakes – it adds a thick consistency.  As you will discover when you begin to experiment – there are many tricks and recipes to make pretty much anything with healthy substitutions.

 8.   You will have so much extra energy – you won’t know what to do with it.  You will want to jump out of bed in the morning!  After work you will not want to lay on the sofa and watch TV – you will want to go out for a run.  Be aware of this because this can be the reason people fall off the wagon.  It can seem overwhelming and strange in the beginning.  But soon you will realize how faded and slow you were before and how alive you feel now!


 9.   You are going to spend a lot of time researching stuff on the internet, searching through cook books, reading labels, experimenting in the kitchen and educating yourself.  You will be so much more aware of what you are buying and putting in your mouth.  You will not just consume any stuff that is put in front of your face.  You will become so much smarter about food and what it is doing for you and how it is affecting you.  This is an amazing gift all on its own.  We have become so disconnected from our food and our diets and lives have suffered because of it.  

 10.  It is going to be worth it!! It will be worth the cravings, the research, the emotional strain in the beginning and spending a little more on super foods.  You will feel awesome, you will lose weight and you will be excited about your life because life is just fabulous and you will finally see it.  

 11.   This diet will be so much more than a diet.  It will become a way of life and will affect how you look at the world and how your choices in food affect it.  You will begin to look at where food is grown, how it is grown, and what happened to it before you bought it.  You will become aware of how important shopping locally is and will see the world differently.  Your life really will become fuller, healthier and more vital.


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January 13th, 2015

5 Tips To Finally Let Go To Become More Healthy

Written by Ka Sundance


Clutter in your house = clutter in your body

Have you ever thought of how the clutter in your life supports the clutter in your body? Having so much stuff literally in your house – in the attic, in the cellar, in your garage – this can be connected to your health. Here are my tips to finally allow you to let go and to become more healthy in every way.  It is very difficult to detox your body without “detoxing” your home. You are holding on to things that might have served you in the past. You believe these things have nice memories or they may become handy in the future. This might be the case with a few things but it is very often just clutter that is blocking you in your life in many ways.

When you block up all the space in your life you are blocking yourself from moving forward emotionally, spiritually and in your health. You make it so hard to get through to the things at the back, all the junk is cluttering up the space you need to get through. All the stuff you hold on to in the attic and garage blocks you from receiving new things. How do you expect to receive new health, new money or new relationships when all the space where you would place these new things is filled up?



Make room for the new

There is no room, literally, for new things in your life. How do you expect to get a new couch if the old one is sitting there? You have to throw out the old one to allow space for something new. You might realize once the space is open that something entirely different would look amazing there. Just making the space allows for new things to happen.

I feel so passionate and dedicated about this. Katie and I have traveled the world for 20 years. A number of those years have been with our five kids too. We don’t have a house, a car or furniture – we don’t own much expect things to home school our kids. We pretty much own nothing but we make a conscious choice to be so free and light. I could buy these things but we choice not to. When you own things they also own you. Even though we are letting go constantly, I am still faced with the problem that we clutter up our space so easily. I realize it when we go to move to a new place. It is amazing, we are like magnets to accumulating stuff.


Be willing to let go

Letting go is a constant process. I love the feeling of being free, of having nothing that is cluttering up my life. Being free to receive new stuff and to see clearly, to feel clearly and get a new perspective on my life. I am driven to embrace change- I look forward to the new beauty that will be manifested. I have manifested this beautiful life under the palm trees here in Costa Rica. I can let go of this beauty in an instant because I know more interesting and beautiful things are awaiting me just around the corner. In order to receive them and perceive them and make them real, I need to be willing to let go.



It is like the universal circle of life and health. Stuff comes and stuff goes. If you let go you will receive new. By holding on to stuff, literally in your house and also emotionally and spiritually inside you – you block the process. You will not be able to receive new things. Letting go is the most crucial lesson in life. In the end we all die and you cannot take anything. The question is how well you have trained yourself to let go peacefully and joyfully. You have to practice so you don’t concentrate on what you lose.

The new things you will manifest and that will come to you, will be even better. Refocus on the receiving not the letting go and you will be amazed by what will start to happen in your life.  Hopefully these tips will help you let go of the clutter in your life and allow incredible new things to come to you.

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January 10th, 2015

9 Reasons Why Plant-Based Diets Fail, And How To Prevent It

Written by Ka Sundance



There are 9 top reasons why a plant-based diet fail and I want to help you learn how to prevent it.  I have been doing even more research because Katie and I are on a 100% raw food diet at this point in time and it always good to remind yourself.


  1.  Hunger – so simple but if you do not know how to deal with and prevent hunger from eroding your stamina and ability to stick to a healthy diet, you can stumble. You must make sure you eat regularly, some people don’t eat during the day and this leads to failure.  By the time you stop to eat in the late afternoon your body is starving and will go back to the things it knows most – often unhealthy foods.  Make sure you eat regularly and drink green juices.  This will provide you with a wealth of different nutrients and you won’t fall into the hunger hole.  


  1.  Misinformation – there is a lot of bad information out there.  Old thinking and out dated views that you have to eat meat, drink milk and eat eggs etc in order to stay healthy.  Things that we now know are not true.  You need to educate yourself, go to healthy people who have been eating healthy diets and have alternative ideas.  Research on the internet and buy books by people who are eating and living the diet you want to achieve.


  1.  Fear of experimentation – in order to reach new results and be healthier you will have to try new things, to experiment.  If you keep on doing the same old thing nothing will change.  Some experiments fail and other turn out amazing. Don’t be afraid to try new ways and new foods.  You need to be excited to try new things and be open to change.

 Short-term diets don't work!

  1.  Lack of support – you need to surround yourself with healthy people who will help you in the fragile moments of transformation as you move towards a new healthier lifestyle.  You need people who like the idea of you trying something new and making a lifestyle change.  Don’t give too much attention to the naysayers, unhealthy junk food eaters, coffee drinkers and smokers.  They will not help you move forward and change because they like things just the way they are.


  1.  External pressure – make sure you are able stand the pressure from commercials or signs advertising junk food or unhealthy fast food.  Avoid immersing yourself in the pressure from others, don’t give them the option to talk about what you are doing.  If you know they will not be supportive just avoid bringing up the subject.  It is hard in the beginning to resist outside pressure.


  1.  Cravings and habits – get yourself some healthy substitutes for your most favorite and beloved dishes.  It is easy to find raw gourmet, vegan recipes for ice cream, cake, pasta, chocolate, pizza and so much more.  You can still eat the things you love but in a new healthy way. Get a good raw vegan recipe book and try new recipes and ideas.  


  1.  Lack of time – this can easily be used as an excuse.  When you start a raw vegan diet you will have to spend a little more time reading labels, preparing food, making food in the dehydrator or the blender.  This is part of the lifestyle and you have to be willing to spend additional time researching the right foods and the right recipes.  You need to put systems in place that support you being healthy.   If you wanted to get in shape or body build, you would have to go to the gym every day and spend time on your body – eating healthy is similar.  It is like anything else, it will take some research and commitment.  


  1.  Being overwhelmed – there will be so many new feelings of clarity and energy and so much new information that it might feel overwhelming.   There will be so many new things and ideas to take in as you move towards a more healthy diet.  It is good to ground yourself and find some rituals to help you incorporate it into your life and take it all in.  


  1.  Junk food – don’t eat too much so called healthy junk food.  It can be easy to slide into the habit of eating vegan junk food instead of regular junk food.  Both are junk food.  This goes out to the vegans especially, there are so many vegan junk foods out there.  Don’t eat too much of this type of food.  You need to eat whole, natural foods to support your body and mind.  These 9 reasons your plant-based diet could fail may come up as you make your lifestyle and health food changes but now you have some tips on how to prevent it and be successful.    


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