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November 15th, 2014

6 Healthy & Delicious Ways To Eat Kale

Written by Ka Sundance

Hi Guys,
This is your Ka speaking and today I am back with one of my very favorite topic – the dark leafy greens that are the most nutrient dense foods on earth.  In regards to minerals, vitamins, proteins – there is nothing that can compare to these most natural and abundant foods on earth!!  As you know I most favor the wild herbs but second best to me is kale.  We juice kale everyday and use it in salads.


Today I would like to share with you 6 of the most delicious and healthiest ways to eat kale as it is so very healthy.  I named two already but I want to touch on then again.

foods to make you happier

1.  Salad – just make a kale salad, mix it with other veggies and a homemade dressing.  There are countless ways of making wonderful dressings.


2.  Juice it – we always love to juice the kale with some fruits or sweeter vegetables like carrots that make the flavor nicer.  If you use kale alone it is a very intense flavor especially if you are not used to it.  But adding fruits or sweet veggies makes it wonderful.


3. Kale leaves –  Use kale leaves as the shell of a burrito or a wrap.  You can wrap all sorts of things in a kale leaf, use this instead of any wrap.


4. Kale chips – another delicious way is chips.  We have them everyday.  You take the kale leaves and create a great sauce with cashews,peppers and pink Himalayan salt, yeast or Braggs Amino acids – throw it all together and coat the leaves and dehydrate.  It makes amazing kale chips.


5. Dried kale chips –  You can mix dried kale chips with nuts and add a drop of lemon or spice and it is yummy and healthy.  The combo of the greens and the fats is good for absorbing the minerals.


6. Smoothies –   The last one is the smoothie – it leaves the plant fiber in unlike juicing – put in the kale leaf with banana and some water and you have a kale smoothie.  Any fruit can be added for different flavors.


Yes, this is brief but I want to keep it short so people watch the videos to the end.  These are 6 ways to add kale to your diet.  I hope you enjoyed this show.  I will be back with more videos to help you eat healthy foods and have happiness and joy.


Thanks so much, with lots of love from a little north of LA.  We are going to go down south in a few days.  Daily vlogs about our travels are available on the channel below.


This is your Ka, thanks so much – lots of love.
Bye bye





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November 12th, 2014

Meet My Business Coach Vrinda Normand. How She Helps To Change The World

Written by Ka Sundance

Hi Guys,
This is your Ka speaking and I am very honored and pleased to have a very special guest for today’s video.  This is my business mentor and her name is Vrinda Normand.  I am very pleased to introduce her to you, as many of you may not have heard of her.  I would like to introduce you to her and her mission and the path she has walked so far.  To give you a feeling for an extraordinary human being.  Please everybody welcome Vrinda Normand.
Vrinda: Thank you so much Ka.  Thank you for introducing me to your community.
Ka:  Maybe you would like to talk about yourself, who you are, what you do and why.


Vrinda:  I teach irresistible online marketing and I really specialize in supporting business owners to grow online and serve more clients. And make a difference in the world.  I love to help holistic health businesses and transformational businesses.  I am personally called to do this.
I want to share a bit about my background and why I am passionate about this.  Seven years ago I was in my first career as an investigative journalist, my passion was always to change the world with a message.  I wasn’t able to do this as a journalist and I got really burned out and sick.  I was exhausted, I didn’t have any personal life outside my work.  I finally went to my doctor to find out what was wrong.  I found out I have a serious liver ailment, I have hepatitis c.  It was a big wake up call , I knew I couldn’t continue to live that lifestyle – it was so much work, with constant deadlines and stress.
I decided to take a medical leave from my job and find a new career.  That is how I found out about starting my own business and how I could create my own lifestyle on my own terms with my own business.


Ka: It feels like your physical disease was important because I feel that you are now doing what you are here to do.  And the business is so much more you than being a journalist.  It’s like it was a blessing, to me and to so many people that you have helped – you have changed our lives.
Vrinda:  It was a scary thing but also a wake up call, a blessing.  They say your liver is connected to your soul path, your life purpose path.   My liver was giving me that wake up call and it really happened for me to change my career path.  I had a greater purpose on this planet.  And that is to help businesses change more lives and I help businesses grow through online marketing.  That is what I discovered seven years ago.  Since it has grown into a million dollar company.


Ka:  That is so true, you have built your own business and you have helped us tremendously.  It can help my people see the health path you are on.  I am about teaching about raw and organic foods.   What kinds of food are eating?  What does your diet look like?
Vrinda:  Seven years ago I had this business growth journey and at the same time a health journey to heal my body as well.  The traditional methods of the drugs were not going to work for me.  I have worked with a lot of different natural healers.  I have done energy work and acupuncture to clear out a lot of emotional blocks and dark energy that was clogging up my liver.  I have done every cleanse there is to do to cleanse my body.  I follow a special diet now for my blood type and the health of my whole digestive system.   I also work with a energy healer, a chiropractor, a nutritionist.  I get massages every week, I do yoga, I belly dance and surf.  I love going in the ocean because it really cleanses my energy.
Ka: I can relate to this myself, I am a surfer.  What I really like about you and what resonates with me is that you bring these two things together- you are a successful business woman and you also look after yourself.  Your condition forced you to have to do this but this is a balance that is hard for women to find.  Self love and self care and working.  I think this is an inspiration to all you women watching this.  You can have both – a fulfilling business that is really is an expression of your heart and soul and also look after yourself well.


Vrinda:  You Ka are also an inspiration in this.  You take great care of yourself, you live a great lifestyle and you love your family.   You are able to have that balance with your business.  I have been very inspired watching you.
Ka: We are inspiring each other, that’s awesome.  For my people who don’t know about you and want to find out more.  Go to the link below and find out more.
Vrinda:  On that page you will find a gift from me.  It is a complimentary eBook called “My online Sales Blueprint”.  It shows you the formula to create your own info products or programs that you can offer online and attract clients and serve more people online.  This is what I have shown Ka how to do and how he has created his own lifestyle business.


Ka: Luna brings us a tomato – this doesn’t fit into our discussion but it is our life.  It’s all natural and organically happening! Vrinda, thank you so much.  I really appreciate you being here.  Guys, please check out the link below the video player.  I can highly, highly recommend her. if you have a strong passion to reach more people, to serve more people and to make a difference out there, she is definitely the person to turn to.  She has figured out how to use the new technology of the internet to reach a lot of people.  Thank you so much.
Vrinda:  Thank you.
Ka:  Everybody, from me personally, thank you so much for watching.  I will be back soon with more videos.  Over the roof tops of San Francisco where we are sitting I say, love you and see you soon.
Bye Bye



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November 11th, 2014

Do We Photoshop Our Videos and Fake Backgrounds??

Written by Ka Sundance


In the big city

Hi guys,

This is your Ka speaking to you right now from Singapore.  We arrived 2 days ago.  Though we normally always do our videos from beautiful islands or a tropical setting, we are in the city now.  We love to go every two months or so to a big city setting with our kids to do some cultural activities, some sightseeing, and to enjoy some adventure and action!  

We went to Kuala Lumpur to go to the zoo and now we are in Singapore.  The kids wanted to see Legoland in Malaysia.  IT WAS AWESOME !  We did this yesterday.  I will soon do a travel video about our South East Asia adventures that we have been on for the last week or so since my birthday.  Thanks so very much for the many nice birthday wishes!!


My straightforward answer about fake backgrounds


Today I wanted to answer a question that we have received quite often.  Actually I feel almost honored that you assume I have the skills needed to do such things!!
But I wanted to clarify the question : Do we actually manipulate our videos on YouTube and photoshop the backgrounds?  Guys, here is my straight forward answer.  I have been making close to 1000 videos on all my channels and NOT one video has been fake!!!


I did buy a green screen, the new speakers have these, it goes behind you and you can later replace the background with anything.  But I figured I would still have this green color around my head and it wouldn’t look nice.  I didn’t know how to fix that, so I never used it on any of my videos.

All the tropical and beautiful locations you see are real.  I think the question came up because you see me with all these backgrounds that are almost too beautiful to be true.  They are!  It’s all real, man!!  I wanted to clarify this for all of you.


Little changes to our pictures

I do however make little changes to the video.  I love to pinch the colors a little – to make them more colorful then they are.  I do shoot with very raw settings because it’s easier to edit later.  If you use really honest, raw material it’s easy to do small edits afterwards.  I love to pinch the colors!  If I shoot in the evening, I like to add a little brightness to the shot.  BUT that is really all I do to my video shots.

Lately I have started to edit the audio to make it a little richer.  I have a shotgun microphone and I put all the audio through Adobe audition to add some richness to the audio quality.  But all the backgrounds you see are 100% real.  I can’t help it, we just live in all these beautiful locations! – It’s real!!


100% REAL backgrounds & images

The images and the photos you see on Facebook and Instagram are also 100% real.  Most of them are done with my smartphone.  They can be manipulated just a little with a filter you could add.  I always like to punch in some color, sometimes I play around with different filters or effects like sepia or color boost.

I never do any heavy photoshopping which is easy to do.  If you could see some of the models they put on magazine covers – it’s ridiculous how different they look in real life!  You can really change the whole person without being obvious because the techniques have come so far along.   But I don’t do that.  You will never see me taking whole background shots and fitting in new ones or adding layers.  I don’t ever do this.  I just pinch a little color or add in a filter.  That’s all I do!


Announcing a new video

I also want to announce I will be doing another travel lifestyle video soon.  This will be about our adventures here.  Leaving our lonely island in the Gulf of Thailand and giving such great experiences to our kids and to ourselves as a family was incredible.  It is so interesting and such a great adventure to travel and to go to big cities and feel so small.  Especially in Malaysia where it is such a multicultural place.  They have so many different ethnicities, cultures and religions here.

I love that so much! We feel so welcome and at home here.  Usually everybody stares at us!  When you live in Costa Rica and Central America and you have 5 blonde, blue eyed kids, you get stared at!!  Here in Malaysia it isn’t like that – they have so many different backgrounds here, we feel like we blend by being so different.  I like and appreciate that!

Anyway, that is my answer to this question for today.

Thanks so much for watching I will be back soon with another video.  I’m saying goodbye from this beautiful place close to Singapore.

This is your Ka, love ya…….bye bye.


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November 11th, 2014

Why I changed my name to Ka Sundance

Written by Ka Sundance

Hi guys,

This is your Ka Sundance speaking and I want to warmly welcome you to another video and answer a question that I have been asked often in the last few years. The question is:

Why I chose to change my name to Ka Sundance?

Before I explain to you that this is not just a joke or something I do for Facebook or YouTube or to hide my real identity. This is not what this is about. My real name is Christian Kattoll. I have said this earlier, but I started my YouTube presence using this name. I don’t need to hide. This has nothing to do with hiding.

I have this name in my passport

There is much more to me and much more importance to why I use the name Ka Sundance and why I wear it with pride. Before I tell you why I use this name I want to show you the commitment I have and why this is so important to me. I have this name in my passport. I come from Germany and to have this officially in my passport is not an easy process. I had to prove I had a publishing house in New York that was publishing books for me under the name Ka Sundance successfully for many years. I had to provide screen shots from YouTube and Facebook. I had to do an interview. It really was a big process to change my passport. I am sharing this with you to show you how committed I am, how I feel such responsibility to it and how important this is to me.superfoods

Who I was in my past

Why? ………the reason is, and I’m going to be honest with you again as I always am with you on YouTube and in general in my life, I am a very honest guy. I used to be a punk, I was a dirty old punk in Germany in the old days when I went to school. My hair was multicolored and I wore weird clothes and was really loud. I was one of the loudest in the entire school!! After being in school I became the singer in a rock and roll band. I was the guy with the beer bottle in his hand and the cigarette on stage. Jim Morrison was my big role model. For me it was all about getting drunk 3 or 4 times a week. Big time!

To smoke weed and use bongs for years almost daily. To take LSD and mushrooms and coke and speed! You name it and I took it. Aside from heroin I took almost all drugs. It was important to me, I identified myself with this way of being.

Everything changed when we found out

In 2000 I went with Katie to South America on a half a year tour and we found out Benny was on the way. We were about to become a family!!!! From one day to the other, when we heard she was pregnant, we both decided to stop all drugs. It was the last cigarette I ever smoked on that day we found out we were going to be parents.

A new life started

It was like a new life started for me. That is how it felt for me. How it was for me. Life was never the same after this. We went back home and people laughed at us, they didn’t take us seriously. After standing up with those values for a while and watching people thinking I was going crazy, I begin to wish. This wish inside myself to make this really clear for the world and for myself as well was formed. I was really asking to get a new name. Almost desperately. After asking and meditating I literally saw the name Ka Sundance written and it was really clear to me that this was it! get started

I was Ka Sundance from that day on

From that day on I took on the name Ka Sundance. This is documented on YouTube as well. If you go back in time you will see I started this channel in the name Chris Kattoll. And after a few months I just transformed to being Ka Sundance. This is how this came about.

I was inspired by our travels to Australia. I went in 1997 for the first time to Australia with my best buddy after school ended. The Aboriginal culture, which I have the highest respect for, is 20,oo0 or 30,000 years old, and is the oldest human culture on earth I believe. They don’t celebrate birthdays, they celebrate the different evolutionary steps someone goes through in a lifetime. It means if you feel like you have learned something new or important, you make a big party within the tribe and take on a new name. This is what I was so inspired by and took on then.

Before any of our children

Before my little Jaro or any other child was born I had heard of this way of celebrating personal evolution in the Aboriginal culture. I like this approach and took it on as my own. You don’t celebrate years but steps in your evolution. This is why I took on the name and why I wear it with pride and I feel this responsibility. Now you know the background of how I ended up calling myself Ka Sundance. Also you know I am not hiding or anything like that. You know my name, you saw the screenshot of my passport. My reason is this has meaning for me, this is my new life, my second life that I am living. I am very happy to have the chance to live this second life.

This is my video for today.

How do you feel about this?

Should it be legal?

Is it ok?

Do you have an artist name you are serious about?

Please leave your comments down below. I love to read them.

If you like this video, subscribe and give me a like.

I will be back soon. The two of us say peace, love and rock and roll !!!

Bye Bye

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