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May 21st, 2014

Why Are We Stopping Posting As The Raw Food Family?

Written by Ka Sundance

Hello everyone!

Today is such a good day!  For a personal reason that I’m going to share with you in a while, as part of a larger inspirational message.  And we also have an announcement regarding stopping posting as the Raw Food Family and going in a new direction – and it all ties in together perfectly.

Anything is possible!

You are what you believe yourself to be, typographical backgrounSo what I’d like to share with you today is… even if you can’t see a way to make something happen and it seems impossible and you just don’t see any way open in front of you, you can still manifest anything you want!

You don’t need to see a way – that’s not YOUR job – your job is to believe that what you’d like to accomplish is totally possible, that’s all.  And not to be too stressed out or attached to the outcome!  Learning to be grateful for wherever you are right now is probably the hardest part of manifestation – but without this vital piece of the puzzle, it is not likely you will succeed.

My happy news!

Let me give you an example – which just happens to be my personal success story of the day!  If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I recently applied to be the crowd-sourced speaker for one of the world’s biggest and most amazing entrepreneurial events, Awesomeness Fest.

This is the reason we are here in Thailand – every year Awesomeness Fest has thousands of applications for just 200 tickets – and this year we were offered a place!  Although it seemed a bit crazy at the time to be traveling around the world, paying $10,000 just to get over here, it also seemed like it just had to be done!  So I went for it anyway!

Then an opportunity came up for a crowd-sourced speaker – one of the guests to have the opportunity to speak on stage.  And although the thought of this really scared me, I still went ahead with the application process and sent off my video and I had 2000 people vote for me to be their speaker!  And I just want to officially thank all of you who did that for me!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

A dream come true!

Because today I received the email that I won the contest!  I am so excited!  This is one of my biggest dreams come true!  I have imagined being up there on that stage for years now, but I had no idea how I was going to reach such a distant goal!  But I still carried on visualizing it happening, so I’m not overly-surprised it’s happening today!

But the fact that it is happening i think lies in the reason that yes, I was visualizing it, but also, if it hadn’t happened I would have been equally happy sitting in the crowd and cheering on all the other speakers up there instead.  So I believe this is why the process worked for me.  I was very happy with what I had already, yet I still believed and visualized.

Our manifestation journey

natural sun protectionThis is how manifestation works best – and we’ve become very good at it!  We have come from total poverty and living on social benefits for years – I worked as a carpenter, working overtime, underpaid, unhappy and hardly ever seeing my kids.  We had no financial back-up whatsoever, we lived hand-to-mouth for years – so we’ve manifested and come out of that to where we are now – traveling around the world with our 5 kids, in total freedom – really all I had ever dreamed of!

We are living in total freedom in the most beautiful places on earth and I have a job/business that really means so much to me – it’s purposeful and righteous, I do something I deeply believe in – I do my best to change the world, that’s what I’m doing!

And this hasn’t happened to me because of “luck”.  I really hope you’re not saying to yourself “Oh, Ka, he’s just one of the lucky ones”!  No – if you believe that, then you victimize yourself and you’re very likely going to stay in an unhappy place for as long as you keep having that belief.  It isn’t luck that I’m speaking to you from here – this was all part of a carefully designed plan, according to the beliefs I have.

Change your thoughts and change your life

If you ask me how I’ve managed to move from poverty to abundance and happiness on all levels, I will tell you it’s because I changed my way of thinking.  And this is my inspiration to you – you can change whatever you want in your life – but you have to start changing your beliefs around what is possible, about who you are, about what you can achieve!  If you can change that, you can change anything.

A change in direction

So that’s my inspirational message to you today.  And I just want to thank you again for voting for me as featured speaker!  This news also ties in with the fact that we’re bringing the Raw Food Family brand to an end and moving in a new direction.  I love the raw food thing – we’ve been doing this for 10 years now.  But for a start we’re not even 100% raw foodists anymore anyway, and haven’t been for years.  Also, the raw food diet is such a small box and is so often linked to obsessive people within the movement, particularly the 100% raw vegans, who are so judgmental.  And that’s just not me.

I feel much bigger than that.  To me, true health requires a holistic approach.  You can’t just eat raw foods and feel you’re going to be a healthy, happy human being – there’s so much more to it than that.  I’ve met so many healthy, happy people who don’t even know what the raw food diet is about!  And who are not vegans at all!  There is so much more to health than that.

To me, you have to have passion and compassion in what you are doing in your work life.  You have to have healthy, happy relationships.  You have to be at peace with your past.  You have to breathe properly.  You have to spend time in nature.. there are sooo many factors.  So I want to expand out of the Raw Food Family and start to teach as The Sundance Family!  This is our new brand, our new logo, our new direction!

The Sundance Family is born!

This gives us room to be so much more than raw foodists.  It gives us room to be inspirational teachers.  That’s basically what I am – I want to inspire you to follow your dreams – and business-wise, I want to change the world.  To do this, we need to build powerful, successful businesses that inspire millions and millions of people.  I really want to change the world and to help inspire you to succeed with your dreams.

So you can find us in future at The Sundance Family website.  Please let us know what you feel about our new direction!  Would really love to start a conversation with you about this.  We really treasure all our website visitors and will read all comments left under this post.

I really look forward to sharing this new direction with you and sharing our travels with you and am so happy we will be able to do so much more than just talk about raw food in future!

Thank you again all of you.  I’ll be back with more soon, will be showing you some more of our life here in beautiful Thailand and, of course, will be reporting from Awesomeness Fest!

I love you, bye guys!




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May 21st, 2014

9 Power Mantras To Build Self-Confidence

Written by Ka Sundance

Well, we just arrived in beautiful Thailand 2 days’ ago, following a long journey around the world to get here – and I’ll be sharing more about that in my next blog.


But today, I just want to give you some inspiration! I was reading a blog post yesterday on Mind-Body Green and I just felt like grabbing the camera straight away so that I could share some really powerful mantras with you. These mantras boost your self-esteem and self-confidence… so… here they are:-

Action Changes Things AcronymTake action!

1) Confidence comes through action! So if you’re lacking in self-confidence, you can’t just run around and find reasons to be lethargic and passive. You MUST take action – even if just something small like some exercise or making a phone call you have been putting off. Take action – such an important thing to do in order to build self-confidence.

Approve of yourself!

2) This is a very important one. The only approval you’ll ever need is the approval you give yourself! So you don’t have to rely/expect/ask others to love you, approve of you or tell you that you’re a good person! You have to find that approval within yourself. If you look for external approval you will never find the type of approval and confidence that really satisfies your soul. It’s impossible.

And when you do find this approval inside of yourself you will no longer need it from other people. The real paradox of this is that once you stop needing reassurance and approval from other people, because you’ve found it in yourself, you will automatically now get it from other people too! It’s quite magical and bizarre the way this works!

Face your fear… and do it anyway!

3) The fastest way to improve self-confidence is by moving into your fear. Fear is always a very good guideline. Go where the fear is – go where you are afraid. Because if you don’t, you will carry those fears with you anyway, they won’t go away. You can try and lock them away – but they will take up room and weigh you down. You’re going to go there with you mind over and over again – and then the fears just grow in stature! I’ve had this experience so often – when I just move into the fear I realize what a fuss I was making about nothing – the fear of the anticipation of doing something is so much bigger than the actual reality, when you overcome the fear and do it anyway!

When you realize how much pain and energy is involved in carrying around those fears with you and how small you start to feel next to these fears – you soon also realize it is so much easier to just face the fear and just do whatever it is you are afraid of. It really is. And as you repeat this process over and over again, you gain more and more self-confidence and you become a happier human being as a result. It really is as simple as that.

Accept yourself!

Love Yourself4) Accept everything you are and everything you aren’t. To approve, accept and love yourself completely, you will have to learn to accept that there are things you are good at and things you are not good at. There are times when you are small, vulnerable, insignificant, incomplete and imperfect – but it’s all good and it’s all fine.

You have to see that you are an evolving human being who is improving and learning all the time and that no one except yourself expects you to be perfect and to know it all. All you have to be is willing to change and improve – and as long as you are then it’s fine to make mistakes. NOBODY is perfect! So please don’t expect this of yourself, you’ll improve and change anyway as time goes on.

What other people think of you is none of your business!

5) What other people think or say about you is a reflection of them – and not of you! It’s really none of your business what other people say about you – it’s unimportant, it means nothing. People always talk from their own vantage point. That’s why it’s so important for you to talk well about other people. Because if you think or talk poorly of others, it actually says a lot about you and about how you treat yourself.

That’s why it’s important to always find a way to speak nicely of others, because not only is it how you would like others to speak about you, but also if you find fault in others it just shows that in some way you aren’t at peace with that part of yourself or whatever part of your comments that resonate with you. So… never take others’ views personally – the more you can realize that the easier life gets.

Good enough!

Authentic golden label, vector illustration6) You are good enough! You are good the way you are. You don’t have to become anything, you don’t have to prove yourself, you are perfect the way you are. And if you can’t hear this from yourself, then hear it from me. I approve of you completely – including and especially with all your mistakes and shortcomings – you really are good the way you are! T

he more you can accept yourself here the more confident you become and the more you can talk about your mistakes and shortcomings. And this makes you more honest and authentic. You also learn to laugh at yourself more – and this is not only amusing, but also very healing! It’s really not about being perfect here, it’s about admitting that you’re not perfect, but approving of yourself anyway. That’s where the power lies!

Focus on your strengths!

7) It isn’t who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not. That image of who you tell yourself you HAVE to become, that part that is still missing. That kind of thinking makes you feel small, makes you imperfect, makes you feel like you’re missing out. That type of thinking needs to change – you need to rather concentrate on your strengths, on the good stuff you’re doing already – because that’s who you are right now and you’re great!

Don’t waste time and energy thinking about things that don’t exist – there’s just no point in that. Which doesn’t mean, don’t strive to become better or to achieve new goals – it just means ACCEPT WHO/WHERE YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW!

Take full responsibility!

bigstock-Take-Control-Of-Your-Life-Conc-452624568) No one can make you feel unworthy or hurt you without your permission. If people offend you or hurt you, then on some level, somewhere, you have allowed them to do this. It’s always good to question yourself as to how you could have behaved differently to avoid that – and how you could avoid such a situation in future.

You have full responsibility for everything that happens to you – and how you respond to everything that happens to you. You have to take responsibility for the situation because then you can actually do something about it – which is a very empowering thought, isn’t it?

Be your true self!

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail9) There’s only one YOU for all time – so fearlessly be your true self! You matter! You are unique! You are good the way you are, you matter just the way you are! You ARE love, people will love you for you really are. Show them who you are and be prepared to admit your mistakes and be yourself.

You are a multi-dimensional human being – show yourself! As you do you will experience more and more confidence and joy and the more value you can bring to your family and community. You will manifest more of what you want into you life and will just live a much happier life overall!

OK, that’s me for today, I hope you found this useful – will be back for more soon.

Bye for now, I love you!


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May 6th, 2014


Written by Ka Sundance

deal with cravingsIn this post I want to talk more about a subject that I get asked a lot of questions about – particularly following the whole YouTube playlist I did on this subject last summer – Juice Fasting.

Juice fasting is one of the most powerful, natural and FREE healing tools – and one that I promote very strongly as I believe in it with all my heart.  I would love to inspire and encourage as many people as possible to try this out at least once in a lifetime.

In this post I want to discuss the 3 biggest benefits that I have experienced doing a juice fast on a very frequent basis.  I have juice-fasted several times a year for the past 10 years that I have been into raw food.  I also have experience with water fasting, but for people who don’t, or who are beginners when it comes to fasting, I would always highly recommend rather doing a juice fast instead.  It is definitely a much more gentle way to detox and can also be done whilst carrying on your normal day-to-day life.  It also provides a super-boost of life-giving minerals and vitamins in their most concentrated and bio-available form!

So, the first benefit I would like to talk about is that juice fasting is so helpful for me to break habits – it is like pressing the Pause or Re-Set button – it really puts some distance between me and my eating habits or other not-so-beneficial habits that may have developed over time.

Creating distance between my habits and myself is such a healthy thing to do, because it gives me room for improvement.  It is also the reason I love travelling so much – because whenever we travel to a new country for a few months, we suddenly have a totally new environment in which we have the opportunity to create improved systems and strategies, both for our family and for myself personally.Preparing for a juice fast

And that’s why I feel a juice fast is so helpful – you can push the Re-Set button, get some distance and re-think some of your habits that may need improving upon.  Even if you are already a healthy eater there can still be habits that you could benefit by changing.  For instance, I used to eat waaaay too many cashew nuts and dates together – I was overdoing them, and going on a juice fast helped me to break what I realized had become a not-so-healthy habit for me.

The second benefit is a very obvious one – but I always feel so refreshed after a juice fast!  If you research juice fasting on YouTube or talk to anyone who has ever done one, you are likely to find that everyone who goes on a detox juice fast feels so awesome afterwards.  That’s certainly true for everyone I know who’s ever been on one.

That’s why I keep on repeating this process on a frequent basis.  It is so cleansing – you give your body a break from having to work so hard to digest food and that gives it a chance to heal itself.  I truly believe that the body is a self-healing mechanism (and science backs this up) – IF we give it the tools and opportunity to be so.  So, if you don’t eat for a while you give the body a chance to use all its energy in order to get rid of toxins and regenerate tissue and cells – and when I do this, as a result I feel AWESOME after a juice fast!

successfulldetoxThe last benefit I want to talk about is a very powerful one too.  Juice fasting takes away the unhealthy importance that we have attached to eating.  Eating is such an emotionally-charged past-time!  Before I did my first juice fast I used to think “Wow, I could never go without food!”  Just the idea of not eating for a few days or weeks totally stressed me out!

And if something has that kind of a hold on you – be it food or anything else – then I would highly recommend that you meet it head-on and do whatever it is that you are most fearful of.  Because that fear will be stealing your life-force energy and turning it into fear-based negativity – and this can be very detrimental to your health further down the line.

So for me, juice fasting was super-useful in that way – in order to get rid of both the physical and, even more importantly, the emotional desire/need to eat.  To go into a fast with the intention of facing all that and to cleanse those feelings is such a healing thing to do!  It is so healing to go through those fears, to cry if you need to, to feel the anxiety and stick with it rather than numbing yourself out by putting food in your mouth.

So that was such a helpful process for me to go through, and now that I’ve gone through it several times I’m much better at dealing with it!  I do still find it a little challenging but far, far less than I used to.  To a large extent I’ve managed to remove the false importance I had attached to eating – which has been such a freeing experience – I feel liberated from something I used to be obsessed about at one time!   So I would strongly urge that you try juice-fasting for this reason too.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailSo those are my reasons why I feel juice-fasting is so worthwhile.  We’re now looking forward to being on the move again – we’re off to Thailand in a few days’ time and are looking forward to another round of releasing and letting go and taking the next steps in creating an even better life for ourselves.

We are so looking forward to this and are looking forward to taking you with us too!

Chat again soon!



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May 3rd, 2014


Written by Ka Sundance

Today, as I am surrounded by my 5 kids, running all around me, it feels like the perfect time to talk to you about the 5 most important things I have learned about being their Daddy!

My youngest child, Luna, is 8 months old, and my oldest child, Bennie, is going to be 13 soon… it’s quite a ride being a parent, and I’d just like to share the things I have been blessed to learn along the way!

get started21) The most important thing I have gained through being a parent is the encouragement to become the best “me” I can be.  Because I want to be a great role model to my kids – to be the parent I didn’t have, actually – and to be a really conscious role model.  The only way for me to help my kids to become good adults is to “walk my talk”.

Since I became a father I stopped drinking and smoking, I stopped eating fast food, stopped getting hammered on booze every weekend… because I just didn’t want to be that kind of role model to my kids.  And, beyond all that, I just want my kids to know what it is to live a healthy, vibrant life and to eat healthy foods – so that was a HUGE motivation to eat healthy myself and I am so grateful for that motivation.  Even more than that though, I want to encourage my kids to live their dreams.

If there is only one thing I could teach them it would be that.  I don’t care what jobs they do, as long as they strive to reach their full potential and do what they love to do, to find out what their calling is, what their passion is – to be of service to the world through the gifts that they have been given.  The first step in doing this is to encourage them to discover these gifts – so many kids never get a chance to do this coz they are so stuck in the school system, becoming a “System Slave” – and I would like my kids to live differently to this.

And the best way to bring that about is by living this truth myself.  I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now if it wasn’t for my kids because wanting to be a good role model encourages me to do this work.  So I am so grateful to God, to the Universe, that I have been allowed and encouraged to follow this path and to work every day to become the best Ka I can be.  I know that in order to do that, all I can ask of myself is to give the best I can – and the same goes for you too.  So that’s what I try and do every day and what I’m grateful for every day.

happy people
2) The second thing I’ve learned is that stress gets you nowhere!  When you don’t have kids, and you want to leave the house, it takes you 5 minutes to get organized, and you’re out of the door!  If we want to leave the house, however, there is so much to do first!  Dress the kids, prepare food, gather everyone’s toys, then someone needs to wee, then another one needs their bum wiping – it’s endless!  Going shopping, or even crossing the street, are epic adventures!!  And if I start to get stressed about any of these everyday tasks in life it just ends in tears and creates drama where none is necessary!  Whereas if I am relaxed and Zen and accept the fact that everything we do will get done, but is going to take time, then everything goes very smoothly!  Because as soon as Katie or I get stressed, then the kids get stressed too and we have a drama on our hands!  So, having 5 kids is a great lesson in not being stressed and in just “keeping my cool”!
3) The third thing I have learned is quite amusing – the “demystifying” of my own personal space!  When I think back to when I was single, or even when Katie and I were first together with no kids, if someone woke me up or disturbed my “Holy Sleep” I would go mad!  Now that I’ve had babies on an ongoing basis for the past 12 years there is no such thing as “Holy Sleep” any more!

I am so used to being woken up every couple of hours by one of the kids – needing to pee, or wanting to be fed!  I think it’s great that this concept of “Holy Sleep”, that was so charged with importance, has now disappeared from my life!  I am now just so grateful if I manage to grab any amount of sleep anywhere or if I manage to go to the toilet without anyone knocking on the door or walking in on me – it’s a major achievement!

I’m sure every Mum or home-schooling Dad can relate to this!  So it is wonderful to no longer have these high, ego-driven expectations of “my space” and how everyone must “respect it” and “keep their distance”.  This has been very good for me, it’s enabled me to curb my ego and take into consideration that there are other souls on this planet with their own needs and desires – and that it’s not all about me!  This has been very healing for me and my ego, I must say!
Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail4) My kids have also taught me to be so grateful about the many wonders of life – just looking at little Luna, who popped out of Katie 8 months ago in utter perfection – 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot – WOW!  And then my eldest, Bennie, who now reaches my shoulder!  It has to be the biggest miracle in the world that, from the simple act of Katie and I making love, all these kids, all these beings in their own right, appeared!  Incredible.

I am so grateful and awed when I see myself in my kids and when I see how healthy my kids are.  I am grateful every single day for our healthy, happy lives.  Beyond that, experiencing the wonders of life through watching my kids – watching Luna look at a bubble or a balloon – for adults, these things seem so normal, but for a child they are full of wonder and magic!  That is so precious to me – to become a kid again in that regard and to experience the wonders of life through their eyes.
5) And then, of course, I have learned PATIENCE!  I can be a very impatient guy, I am German, I want to get stuff done, as much as possible, as quickly as possible.  This isn’t a healthy way for me to be – it stresses me out and I tend to do too much and overdo it sometimes.  But with so many kids, you’ve got to have patience and just step back  – because very often the plans I might have had for my day – or my life! – are not the plans that life had for me!  There are so many souls planning, creating and inter-acting on all levels in my life, so I’ve just learned that I have to be patient, and step back and let it go sometimes as, once again, it’s not all about me!  So yes, another super-helpful thing to have learned!

So that’s what I wanted to share with you today.  We’re getting ready to leave for Thailand in a few days’ time now – the start of the next big family adventure – we’re super-excited about it and promise to keep you updated on our travels and adventures around the world.  We are also planning to expand ourselves further – to break out of the box that is the Raw Food Family – coz there’s more to us than just eating healthy food and we want to take you on that exciting journey with us.  So stay tuned for more info on that in the near future!

Love you guys!

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