January 28th, 2013

Benefits Of Ozonated Olive Oil

Written by Ka Sundance

Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil

There are many benefits of ozonated olive oil  Ozonated olive oil is an excellent medical remedy that many people including my family have been buying and using for the past few years with great results.

We love it!

Tried and trusted remedy

The fact is that ozonated virgin oil is by no means a new product. Researchers and historians have found references to the use of ozonated virgin olive oil in the treatment of any number of conditions such as ringworm, skin yeasts, fungal infections and many others, as far back as over a hundred years ago.  Given below are some of the great benefits of ozonated olive oil.

Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil

1. One of the biggest benefits of ozonated Olive Oil is that it really helps with the healing process of a wound or skin irritation. There is another alternative which is called ozonated olive oil paste – this can be stored in your refrigerator and you can rely on it for healing your wounds for as long as ten years to come, with no weakening of results! It plays a multi-purpose role in healing your wounds and can take care of cuts, burns, nappy rash, ringworm, bed sores etc., much like coconut water does.

2. Ozonated olive oil acts as a powerful natural remedy for a varied number of health issues. Most of the issues this kind of oil is able to sort out are related to the radiance of the skin. To make this oil is easy. All you need is very high quality, organic, extra virgin and cold pressed olive oil, which you then put through a process known as ozone injection. This injection process is carried out by bubbling ozone through the liquid for a certain period of time.

Most of the companies who make this kind of oil use an ozone generator. This method is quite economical. For the sake of quality and purity, a cold plasma ozone generator should always be used.

3. The ozonated olive oil is generally used to massage the wound and has a huge number of health benefits associated with it. It is used as a therapeutic cream for all external healing requirements of the body.

Use of the ozonated olive oil helps stimulate growth of skin cells, sterilizes and cleans the epidermis, reduces any sort of inflammation and swelling, decreases the healing time for ulcers and wounds, acts as a scavenger of harmful toxins, acts as a moisturizer, helps in the increase of cellular function, and also calms the nerves.  This is a great addition to your natural medicine cabinet!

Make it yourself!

To make this oil, you should bubble ozone into olive oil for a long period of time. After which the oil will eventually begin to thicken. Once this has been achieved, you can then refrigerate the oil and this will keep the ozone in the oil stable for many years to come.

So those are the benefits of ozonated olive oil – now that you know them, you should include it in your daily routine and make it work for you.

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26 Comments on “Benefits Of Ozonated Olive Oil

  1. KLC8158 Posted On

    I have never heard of this. Where can I find it? I have never seen it in any of the U.S. health food stores I’ve been in.

  2. Loveandherbs Posted On

    Ive been using Olive oil on my skin for years…cold pressed, organic. Im absolutely going to check out ozonated olive oil. Thank you so much. I love your videos btw…Im on the same wave as you :) check me out

  3. Gayle Bush Posted On

    Thanks for the olive oil tip.A new one on me!Changing subject: Do you have any tips on Hypothyroidism ? I just started iodine drops.still overweight but hardly eat,noooenergy at all depressed.I want to be like you guys.I live in NC USA

  4. lovely23a Posted On

    Hi, the correct pronunciation of wounds is: WOONDS. Hope this helps! (I myself am studying German and I am nowhere as good as you are with English!! :) Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring videos!!!

  5. Ladybugsong101 Posted On

    I wonder why inhaling olive oil helps heal..I noticed that the scent was very calming to my allergies..asthma..I thought at first I would have to add tea tree or peppermint or something so I did not smell oily..however the scent is part of its effective properties

  6. Valart VALERIE HOPE BENNETT Posted On

    Hello my dear friend KA Sundance;;;Love what you do it always delightful However!! Where do you buy it, give more information when you recommend such useful products could really be a tip that guides others’ in how to obtain the product or how to make it , thanks for your suggestion, please do a little more details and how others can get and use this properly. I.always appreciate your assistance’..Amsterdam..Holland VHB, Thanks again…Love and Peace.


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