November 20th, 2012

9 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit (Pittaya), And How To Open & Eat It

Written by Ka Sundance

Dragonfruit also known as Pittaya (or Pitahaya) is a true tropical superfood.

It is growing in abundance in many tropical countries (also in Thailand where we are right now) and has its origins in South-East Asia.

As we are in the tropics again with our 4 kids, and we feast on this healthy super-fruit every day, I wanted to introduce it to you and tell you about the many health benefits as well as just simply showing you how you should open and eat this beautiful and delicious fruit.

Not only does it have many vitamins and minerals, dragon fruit is a true magical superfood.

It contains lots of Vitamin C, which is know to boost your immune system.  In these cold days in the USA and Europe this is very helpful! (It also contains Vitamin B1 and B3.
It has almost zero cholesterol, fat and trans-fat so it is such a good food if you struggle with weight issues.
As it has a lot of plant fiber which helps prevent diarrhea and digestive issues, it is helping from two angles to aid your body.
It is giving you a saturated feeling, helping to feel full in a healthy way, not bulking up with too many calories, and on the same token healing and supporting your whole digestive system in a very healthy way!

Another very important fact is, that dragon fruit (or also called Pittaya) is rich in antioxidants, which are known to prevent cancer and bind free radicals.

It has antiviral and antifungal affects on the body, and helps to heal cuts and bruises much faster than normal.
So as you can see, the dragon fruit is a natural super-food for healing and cleaning on various different levels and just so beneficial for your health!

By the way: You also can get it in Europe and North-America, and I talk in this video about WHERE exactly that is…

Just watch this one and give us a “like” if you felt that this was good information!
Thanks so much and see you soon with another video from paradise!
Love and sunshine
Ka & Katie Sundance and the kids from The Rawfoodfamily


Do you know any other sources where you can get dragon fruits from in the US or Europe, so please let us and all the other families who read this article know, by posting it in the comment box below this video!



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30 Comments on “9 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit (Pittaya), And How To Open & Eat It

  1. amygoesaroving Posted On

    Yes! I’m so excited about this video – I got a dragon fruit about a month ago – it’s the coolest thing ever!

  2. RosalindandPearls Posted On

    Now that I know what it looks like insede and how to eat it, I will give it a try, thanks so much for sharing. Another wonderful fruit, I’m so glad that you did this video, thank you so much !

  3. KelleyCoProductions Posted On

    To me the dragonfruit tastes a bit like a kiwi only sweeter and without the sourness of a kiwi. The flesh is also similar to the texture of a kiwi. It’s really delicious!

  4. HiFruityU Posted On

    Love Dragonfruit! Unfortunately, it’s 5 dollars a pound here at my Florida farmers market. Two fruits on the counter cost me $8. this week. A rare treat! So happy for your abundance!!

  5. WildDoveX Posted On

    I’ll have to go to the asian market in Calif. I haven’t seen pittaya in Indian groceries, but will look more closely. Maybe my problem has been that I didn’t know what it was, so it was hiding in plain sight!

  6. Massab9 Posted On

    I have tasted dragon fruit up here Norway for the first time. The fruit was red/pink like yours ka but sorry to say it tasted like dry water.. almost like eating fresh snow.. thats the best discription from me.. Couldnt find even 1% of sweetness in it.. I guess I have to visit Thailand? I bought the Rambutan fruit at the same time and i loved it 1000X more.. mmm

  7. Madam Vonkook Posted On

    There is an Asian market just up the road here in upstate NY in the USA..I am gonna go tomorrow and look for some dragon fruit it looks yummy !Thanks so much Namaste


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