August 11th, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Detox Naturally Every Day

Written by Ka Sundance

Living a healthy life is important and with the toxins that find their way into your body ever so often, it gets increasingly important to detox your body to flush out all the toxins and purify your system. The best part about detoxifying is the fact that it can be done naturally and on an everyday basis. Besides, detoxifying does not mean that you need to starve yourself or perform activities that will weaken you or make you feel sluggish. Given below are 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day.

detox naturally1.) Green juices:

No matter what health condition you are suffering from, the green juices will always manage to top the list when you want salvation from these health conditions. Drinking green juices on a daily basis is one of the top 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day. These should be had on a daily basis. It takes your health to the next level and detoxifies your body. Green leafy veggies are packed with nutrients that work wonders for your body. It helps purify blood and works wonders for people having a damaged colon.

2.) Exercise:

It does not matter how busy your schedule is, you must take at least 30 minutes off to exercise. This does not mean that you need to take up weight lifting classes or hit the gym. The key to detoxifying your body through exercising is sweating immensely. It is through this sweat that all the harmful toxins are flushed out. Simple running or swimming on a daily basis for a minimum of 30 minutes daily can work wonders for your body. It improves your metabolism and it shows on your skin.

3.) Water:

This forms an important part of the 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day. It is very crucial that you stay hydrated especially during the summer months when the heat tends to steal your body of important nutrients. You must especially resort to drinking detox naturally plenty of water when you consume too much alcohol, coffee, sugar or any type of processed foods. Besides, regular consumption of fried foods calls for several litres of water to be had every single day. For people who live in the tropics, coconut water is an excellent source to hydrate your body.

4.) Emotional well being:

No amount of good food and water will help detoxify your body if you are mentally and emotionally disturbed. Avoid being egoistic and learn to forgive yourself and other people easily.

5.) Raw foods rich in water content:

This is very important to keep your body detoxified and flush out all the unnecessary toxins out of your body. The best foods that are raw and contain humongous quantities of water are melons. Besides, oranges, apples, cucumber, tomatoes are rich in water content and are an excellent source of water for your body. Besides, it also helps keep the skin and hair glowing.

These are some of the 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day.


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25 Comments on “5 Easy Ways to Detox Naturally Every Day

  1. Captain Frith Posted On

    Thank you so much for the holistic message of nourishing the body and spirit. Many health advocates neglect the spirit when speaking about nutrition. PEACE!

  2. faithahora Posted On

    Angie, this is not Ka, but I used to wonder the same questions you asked here & I learned that forgiveness of good & bad people is what is needed for one’s spiritual health. It is a difficult pill to swallow & I learned that even though one may be feeling intense anger or even hatred toward someone, if one verbally speaks out, “As an act of my will I forgive ‘X’ &release & let them go” it starts happening then & no, one should not continue to subject oneself to any kind of abuse. God Bless.

  3. Fantasvale Posted On

    Wow the black forest ^___^ Never been there but I’d like to know Germany a little better in the future…

  4. TheAmazingVegan Posted On

    Great Video! I would really love to see wich greens you use for your juice. Hope you’ll make a video about it. Greetings from Germany! ;)

  5. Ka Sundance Posted On

    In our western world we are taking on toxins in many ways every day.LETS GET RID OF EM!


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