May 28th, 2013

10 Things I LOVE About Raw Food

Written by Ka Sundance

Our family has been on a raw food diet for 10 years now and we follow the raw food diet on a daily basis. I was a non vegetarian for major part of my life and there are a number of reasons as to why I chose to convert to a vegan.

My top 10 Things I Love About Raw Food

Raw Food1. Endless energy: since the raw food diet helps preserve most of the vitamins and nutrients in the fruits and vegetables which have organically been grown; the energy that one gets from this diet is huge. You will never feel tired or exhausted if you are on this diet. You need not go in for any artificial supplements and the raw food diet can provide you with all the energy you need in a day and much more. It makes you more productive and less tired.

2. In tune with nature: a major portion of following the raw food diet is eating straight out of trees. these fruits and vegetables that are organically grown are healthy and they give back to nature is a more beneficial manner as compared to artificially grown ones which use pesticides and insecticides.

3. Heal diseases: the raw food diet has proven to cure and help a number of health issues. It works wonders to helping lose weight, bringing down cholesterol levels, controlling the sugar levels in the body and increasing the overall life span of an individual.

4. Improve your eyesight: raw food diets are a great way to improve eyesight. It helps people with bad vision improve their vision and it works really well with kids who need proper nutrition for their eyes. One of the best raw foods known for years to help improve the eyes is carrots.

Raw Food5. No harm to animals or the environment: raw food is vegan and all raw food diets are a 100 percent vegetarian. This diet does not slaughter animals and believes in the concept of “live and let live”. The fruits and vegetables used in a raw food diet are organic and ensure it causes no harm to the environment whatsoever.

6. A good role model about eating natural and healthy: Katie and I have been following the raw food diet and this has set an example for our entire family and all those who follow our blogs and ideas.

7. Beautiful skin: a raw food diet is high in anti oxidants. This helps eliminate all the harmful toxins from the body, works well as an anti aging method which is natural and requires no surgery and makes your skin look younger and supple.  Raw and natural applies not only to what you eat but what you put ON your skin as well.

8. Mentally more clear: the raw food diet helps the brain function in a more efficient manner and this helps you become more productive on a daily basis.

9. A healthy body: the raw food diet helps people think better and like us say “a healthy mind is a healthy body.

10. In contact with your feminine side: The raw food diet makes you a better person, one that is more inclined towards the environment and towards nature.


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25 Comments on “10 Things I LOVE About Raw Food

  1. cmills999 Posted On

    Maybe too much fermented fruit…Just kidding (maybe?). Was funny and true to the point. Thank you

  2. Rebina Tamang Posted On

    Hey Ka, great video as always. This one particularly made my day. I was laughing so hard at each & every reasons that I got curious looks from my family. God bless you & your beautiful family.

  3. ap6252004 Posted On

    So what you’re saying is, It took about 10 years to establish the life you have right now? Speaking/teaching about raw food, and you’ve established good money by doing so and now you can move around and live in Bali? I hope you understand when I say sounds too good to be true, but if it ain’t, then I WANT IN!!!

  4. maldonvic Posted On

    This video was great, kissing the coconut… Priceless :-) Your the best Ka Sundance ((HUGG))


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