For me, this is what the raw food diet is all about. This is the statement that is behind all that. Become better. Become who you are.

It is the manifestation of becoming better. In order to manifest shining, vibrant health, we need to make healthy choices all along the way. It is as simple as that.

We need to make more and more healthy choices and try to avoid choices and food that make us feel bad.

And this is very individual. What might be good for me, may just as well be very bad for you.

Trust your intuition

This is also why a raw food diet is just one way, one possible choice towards more health and light.
The good news is: You do not need anyone to tell you about the right choices. We all have a very, very clear feeling about what feels right, and what feels wrong. We have this built-in guidance system.

The more interesting part is: Why do we not always DO what feels right? Why do we eat badly? Why do we create suffering? Why do we choose to feel bad?

The choice is always yours

How do I want to feel today?Understanding this will help you do more of the good stuff. This is where I can offer you help as a professional coach.
But even if you do not understand it fully, there is still always the choice. Every day. All the time. Right now.
Do you want to feel good or bad, right now? Well, then just go for it and feel good!
Eat well!

Give yourself a break!

The next good news is: We do not have to do, or achieve anything. The nature of life itself is, that it is evolving, learning,…. and getting better.

Scientists might call it evolution, but on a spiritual and individual level it is about becoming better.
And you become better naturally. There is no pressure, and nothing you have to do to achieve that.
What a relief.

Choose again (and again… and again)!

The only thing you can choose here is: Do you want to feel, to be better now, or do you want to wait?
Well again, this is a question you can ask yourself every day, several times a day. Even if you make a bad choice one day, you wake up tomorrow, and are free to start all over again.

So if you failed to eat as healthily as you wanted to today, then don’t worry. Enjoy and embrace your decision for today. Understand it, appreciate it, and enjoy with all your heart the food you desire and eat today. There is nothing wrong about how you feel about this food, as long as you don’t choose to feel wrong and bad. It is just food, just a feeling.

You can wake up tomorrow and be a new person, a healthier person tomorrow. It is all up to you.

The more and deeper you embrace and understand the “bad”decisions you made, and will make, the easier it will be for you to make the right ones.

All is well!

All is well!

All is well!

And when you realize this, when you realize that it is OK to choose a bad feeling, a bad food, you will become whole.
You will become who you really are.
Because in fact there is nothing wrong with feeling bad. It is just a feeling.

Don’t be afraid to feel

It is the resistance that we have towards this feeling, that causes the problem. We are trying to avoid everything that we label “bad” and therefore we create it over and over again. It is so charged with energy, with emotion, it is so big, such an issue, that we do everything to avoid really being in there. Really feeling it.

This is why we attract it and can’t escape it. Over and over again.
It is too big, too charged not to see it, not to be surrounded by the thing we are trying to avoid, trying so hard not to see.
We give this “bad” feeling, or food so much energy and create situations that always brings us back to it. There is so much energy focused on it.

But again: You have the choice.
If you choose to go IN there, not to avoid it, if you enjoy your “bad” feeling or food with all your love and joy, this is where change happens.

All the negative energy we have created around the feeling, around the food, disappears once we really go in there, and feel the feeling, instead of only the bad, charged stuff around it!

You realize that all these huge, big walls around the feeling and the food are just your creation. They are only as real and as huge as you think they are.

When you can manage this, you become better. You become who you are.
And here are some tips for you to take good care of yourself, so you can shine and become the best, the healthiest and happiest YOU!





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floridaFlorida… the state full of attractions. The vacation my family and I took to this wonderful state was an absolutely delightful one. Driving the reliable and comfortable car, living in some of the best places in the state and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, my family and I are going to be back home soon. We are not going back empty handed, but with a whole lot of healthy ideas and memories to hold on to.

In the earlier days of the trip we visited the Ever Glade natural park, where we got the chance to be one with nature. The swampy lands, wildlife and the kind people, all made it a perfect experience. We also spent a day at Miami Beach where the kids had their share of fun and games. We then went up north to Orlando, to visit the well-known theme park – LEGOLAND!

floridaThere was a wave of enthusiasm in the kids as we headed towards the theme park. It was a day very well spent. The rides will literally make you feel like you are flying, leaving you with butterflies in your stomach.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was the Whole Foods store. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, what a delightful sight! They had wheat grass shots, and even a massage chair that could be used by anyone present in the store. This concept appealed to me, making me think about the wider picture, if it could be possible to have a massage centre and fresh fruit juice at every nook and corner of every city to help people keep fit and healthy.

As the trip progressed, we kept treating ourselves to great foods like raw chocolate, raw ice cream, fresh fruits and veggies, salads and what not. The most surprising part of the trip for me was our visit to 118 degrees, the raw food restaurant that is located in Orlando. This place was a delight to the palette and floridathe heart alike. They serve some of the healthiest and the most delicious raw food on the planet. Right from raw lasagne, to raw smoothies and desserts, it was a pleasure to eat at the place.

I am a world traveller, and I recommend this place to everyone who wants to eat out. It is a raw food restaurant, but beats all the common notions about raw food and serves the most mouth-watering food that there is in the country.

Our brief holiday in Florida was coming to an end. With a heavy heart, we were returning to our paradise home in Costa Rica. But in our hearts and minds we were in Florida as yet, refusing to return home. With a refreshed state of mind, we resume our daily life, in our very own city.


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Today we want to share an amazing recipe with you.  This White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake is not only wonderfully delicious and looks beautiful, it is also raw and vegan!!  Cooked food eaters are always amazed at how awesome raw vegan desserts can actually be and feeding them healthy desserts is a great introduction to the raw food lifestyle!  You can find this recipe and many more, along with books and more inspiration at Shine On Raw, a great website by Rebecca Kane.  Rebecca is the founder of Shine on Raw.  She is passionate about supporting and inspiring you on your journey of personal development, enhancing the Shine in your life.

white chocolate and raspberry cheesecakeWhite Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

1 ½ cups of ground almonds
8 pitted medjool dates
½ tsp of vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
2 tsp of water

For the White Chocolate
2 cups of cashews soaked for 2 hours
1 cup of nut milk
½ cup agave syrup
3/4 cup of melted cacao butter
Pinch of salt
For the Raspberry Swirl
Take ½ cup of the white chocolate mixture
½ cup of raspberries
Fresh Raspberries

Food processor
8 inch spring form cake tin
Squeezy bottle with a thin nozzle

white chocolate and raspberry cheesecakeDirections
Add the ground nuts, dates, vanilla extract and salt in the food processor and process until the mixture becomes sticky
Add water gradually if needed to make the mixture stick together
Press into the base of a 8 inch spring form cake tin
Place in the fridge to chill until the topping is ready

For the White Chocolate Topping
Place all of the ingredients, apart from the melted butter, into the blender and blend until smooth and creamy
Add in the melted butter and blend until well combined
For the Raspberry Swirls
Blend ½ cup of the white chocolate topping with the raspberries

Pour the white chocolate topping onto the base
Take the raspberry mixture and place in a squeezy bottle with a thin nozzle
Use the raspberry mixture to draw circles on the cheesecake
Take a knife and ‘draw’ a line from the centre of the cheesecake out to the edge of the tin
Then take the knife and ‘draw’ a line from the outer edge of the pan, into the centre of the cheesecake
Repeat this pattern all the way around the cheesecake
Place in the fridge to set for 6 hours or in the freezer for 2 hours

Remove from the freezer 15 minutes before enjoying.

If you make this White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake, let us know what you think of it.  Plus be sure to check out more of Rebecca’s recipes.  You can also get great raw recipes in our recipe book – 70 Best Raw Food Recipes.


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There are so many kinds of diets out there that it is indeed mind-boggling.  It seems like the whole world is trying to get started on a weight loss and get fit spree!

Short-term diets don't work!Short-term diets don’t work!

It is indeed a commendable mission for anyone to be health conscious and make efforts to maintain their fitness levels, however, it can be a chore to follow the strict methods and restrictions of the various diets.  One can never be at peace if just following a diet for a short time out of the urgency to lose weight and look good, as they will soon tire of it and go back to their original routine.

Long-term lifestyle changes are the way!

The key to happiness, as we all know, is good health – and the key to good health is a raw food diet that provides a long- term solution to health conscious individuals looking to remain as healthy as possible, for life. Rather than telling you what you need to have, like most diets do, a raw food diet tells users what not to have and these include the six health killers:

  • get startedDairy products, especially pasteurized cow’s milk
  • White flour
  • Artificial preservatives, colorants and flavorants
  • White refined sugar
  • Gluten
  • Drugs and addictive substances such as caffeine, nicotine  and alcohol

The raw food diet unleashes happiness and frees us from the additives and artificial ingredients and toxic foods that make us unhealthier by the day

Eat well and be happy!

It is a known fact that when people consume organic foods devoid of artificial preservatives, additives or chemicals, their moods tend to be positive and happy more often and they become more driven towards enjoying life. You can get an idea of the vast difference in the way you feel by comparing yourself after having eaten three fruits and three hamburgers on different occasions!

Raw food = healthy food that tastes AMAZING!

It is certainly irresponsible for anyone to flood their body with various toxins just for the sake of the so-called “taste” of them, that is, by design, get startedaddictive.  Major fast food brands make loads of money by making people lethargic, fatter and unhealthy.  If there is a fear of losing delicious tastes when it comes to eating raw foods, then this perception needs to be changed!

Raw foods can be just as, or even tastier, than these artificially created junk items. Fruits, nuts, dark chocolate, green tea, avocado, vegetables, etc. are some of the examples of yummy-tasting, naturally-occurring foods that are the main ingredients of a raw food diet.

And as time goes on you will certainly find that you lose your cravings for the “junk”, which will start to taste unpleasant and artificial to you, and crave instead the healthy real “food” that make up a raw food diet.


Find out everything you want to know about eating a raw food diet at

At, people can find various innovative, interesting, lip-smacking raw food recipes. Contrary to popular belief that an organic, natural and nutritious diet means chomping on celery sticks and carrots, this diet can actually be totally mouthwatering when its recipes are made the right way!

This website has been created by Ka and Katie Sundance, who are parents to five children and have experienced the many benefits of loyally sticking to the raw food diet.


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We spend a lot of time in tropical countries around the world.  We love this lifestyle, but it does come with some risks, like sunburn for example.  This has caused many people to wonder how we handle natural sun protection.

natural sun protectionTropical countries are situated around the equator which makes them more susceptible to warmer weather.  Another characteristic of the tropical areas is that the sun shines directly on them, and it is far warmer than other areas of the planet, especially during summer months, which constitute most of the year.

So when you travel to tropical countries, you are bound to experience a drastic climate change and that is something your body needs to adjust to slowly. One of the major problems occurs when you travel from extremely cold climates to a tropical one. After spending so long in the cooler atmosphere, your skin automatically tends to grow pale and more accustomed to the lack of sunlight.

That is why the sudden shift to the tropical climate might sometimes be a bit harmful to the skin. Here are my top five tips on how to deal with the tropical sun so that you don’t harm yourself and your skin by getting sunburn.

Avoid travelling when the sun is directly overhead
Noon is the time where the sun is directly over the equator and hence directly over tropical countries. At this time, the sun is extremely bright and very powerful. The rays of the sun at this period are not good for the body and end up doing a lot of harm. So try to stay out of open areas during these hours. Visiting places like the beach is best kept for the mornings and evenings rather than during noon time.

natural sun protectionUse the right protection
If you’ve been living in a cold area with little or no sun, then your skin is bound to be sensitive to direct sunlight. So when you move or travel to a tropical area, you need to be wary of the sun. Protect yourself from harmful rays. Your skin needs to adapt to the change in climate and this is a relatively slow process. That is why you need to cover your skin and protect yourself against harmful rays of the sun for at least two weeks to let your skin ease itself into the new climate.

If you are just visiting a place, chances are you won’t have the luxury of remaining indoors for very long periods of time – so that means you need to cover up. And the parts of your skin that are still uncovered can be protected using a good quality NATURAL sunscreen. Most sunscreens available contain toxic, often carcinogenic, chemicals and should be avoided at all costs.  Be sure to avoid sunscreens containing titanium dioxide, parabens, salicylates, oxybenzone, polyethyleneglycol and fragrances.  Choose a natural sunscreen instead – one that uses plant extracts (to increase anti-oxidant qualities of the skin – more on this below) and zinc oxide as a reflective agent (sits on top of the skin, doesn’t get absorbed and thus allows the skin to breathe) .

It is also important to note that the more you can avoid sunscreen the better however.  This is because the skin turning pink is your “early warning system” telling you that it is time to get out of the sun now.  So, where possible, it is best to try and heed this warning.  I would also like to mention at this point that a diet high in raw foods will go a long way to increasing your body’s own natural sun protection as this radically increases the anti-oxidants in the body – and this in turn increases the time you are able to stay in the sun without burning.

Learn not to fear the sun – just limit it
The sun is a great source of Vitamin D, which is important to us in many ways. For instance, Vitamin D is essential to prevent scurvy and for healthy bone growth.  It is also vital for the immune system and has been shown to help in avoiding depression, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s Disease), diabetes, autism, Alzheimers (and other brain dysfunction), and cancer.  Atnatural sun protection the same time, too much sun can be harmful because the rays are so full of heat. So make sure you get the right amount of sun – not too much and not too little – between 15-60 minutes per day, depending on skin type.  Start slowly and increase gradually.

During the winter, and for a fair part of the year if you are leaving in temperate climate, the vitamin D-producing UVB rays are reflected by the Earth’s ozone layer and cannot reach us.  The sun needs to be 50 degrees above the horizon in order for these rays to come through.  To work this out in your location, find your latitude and longitude and then check the Azimuth table at the US Navy site here.

Cover up
If you absolutely cannot avoid going out into the sun, make sure you cover up with long sleeves and hats or umbrellas.


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