Hi Guys,

This is your Ka speaking.  Today I would like to talk about the top 6 super foods you should consume to boost your energy level and vibrancy!! Very often I hear from people asking how they can feel healthier and more alive and full of energy. You will feel like jumping out of bed every morning if you eat these foods!!  It is really not so much about the foods you eat but more about the foods you avoid and habits you do not indulge in.

If you eat junk food all day and get hammered with a bottle of whiskey while you smoke a pack of cigarettes this isn’t going to help you!!! Let’s be totally honest here – if you eat foods that are not really food but a sugary, chemical filled food stuff, eating a healthy item here and there is not going to save you.   You need to be realistic – drinking  coconut water on top of this type of life style will do nothing for you.

Please be serious and honest about your life. Take a look at any bad habits you have like smoking, coffee, alcohol, sugar, no exercise and think about the impact they are having on your health and well being. Do you need to make a change?  Don’t expect a magic pill even if it is a natural pill to get rid of your health problems.   You will have to look at making some really big lifestyle changes to reach your goal.  You have to step up and take charge of your own health and well being – no one else is going to do it for you.  I can make suggestions and show you what is healthy but you have to take the steps.

Here are 6 amazing, natural and healthy foods that I love and know will help you feel better on your road to a healthy lifestyle:

  1.  As I have always, always stated and praised number one is the dark green veggies, especially the wild edible herbs.  They are the most nutrient dense foods on earth and what I love about them is that they are free!!  Almost everything green you walk on is edible and the best food there is.  They are more dense in vitamins, minerals,enzymes and protein, sometimes 300 or 400 times more nutrients in them as the domesticated foods.  How can you not want to eat them everyday!

These greens have been growing for hundreds of years unaltered by humans. We have been altering all other foods by making them bigger, sweeter and getting rid of the seeds.  This is what normally happens in the human engineering of foods and it makes our foods less healthy, less vibrant and full of life and nutrients.  These altered foods may look perfect and last longer on the shelf but often they are empty of any life giving nutrients and are unsustainable in the wild.  Nature has been doing this much longer and much better than we ever can!

  1. Coconuts are my second super food. This is also a natural food that grows wild in the tropics.  Coconuts are so very good for you.  They are filled with electrolytes and have almost no calories – especially the water.  It is the perfect detox tool for you even if you are not fasting.  They are the essence of life and the symbol of a tropical abundant life style.  It grows everywhere in abundance and was even used to substitute blood plasma in the second world war when blood was in shortage. Drinking coconut water is similar to getting a blood transfusion or cleanse. The wonderful part is you can buy this in any health food store and most supermarkets now and easily get the benefits of this super food!


  1.  The third one I am including is not a raw food.  I am consciously including this because most people who are going to watch this video are not raw foodies.  It is quinoa.  It is a brilliant alternative if you long for some dense, satisfying food.  It will help you stay away from junkier food. It is very light and easy to digest.  It has protein and is a valuable super food in my eyes.

Quinoa is especially good if you indulge in heavy breads and pastas. It is a good alternative because you can cook it and it is satisfying and still good for your system. You will not feel drained after eating this food.  If you have been eating the wrong foods afterward you will feel down and heavy. Many people do not know this or experience this but you should feel energized, awesome and healthy after eating! You should not feel bloated and unable to move off the couch!  Quinoa can help you achieve this.  Is your food making you feel alive and re-charged?  If not then you are not eating the right kind of food – the food your body craves and needs.

  1. Chlorella is my fourth super food.  Chlorella is an algae from the ocean and is considered one of the best natural tools to bind toxins for detoxification.  If you have been indulging in unhealthy foods or are on a fast you should take some chlorella. This green algae is often called ‘natures multivitamin’ because of all the natural benefits it has.  It will help bind with any toxins, is rich in vitamin B, many minerals and has a high level of nutrients.  You can easily take it in a powder or capsule form and benefit from it’s super powers!
  1.  The last super food is hemp seeds.  Hemp is the oldest cultivated plant known to humans! In case you are wondering it is THC free and has nothing to do with drugs. You can get them hulled or de-hulled, either way is good for you. We love to throw them into a smoothie with bananas and raw chocolate -it is delicious and the kids love it! Hemp seeds can be sprinkled on cereal or salad and they have a light pleasant taste do it is easy to include in your diet.

Hemp is the most complete amino acid protein source there is in regards to availability.  The important thing is how much can your body extract and use – hemp has the perfect balance between omega 3,6 and 9 – this allows you to absorb the amino acids. With a lot of healthy things, if you are not combing them properly, your body cannot use the nutrients in them.  Hemp is natural and has been used as a protein source for thousands of years.  I recommend it as a protein because I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat or recommend meat or fish.  With hemp you can get a wonderful protein in your daily diet and you can skip the meat because you won’t need it!

Those are my super foods and I hope you will take a good look at your diet and your life style and decide if it is helping or hurting you.  We all deserve to be abundantly healthy and happy in our lives.

Thank you everyone – if you like this please give me a like and subscribe.  If you think I have forgotten a super food leave me a comment below.

Bye bye for now.

Your Ka


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(Here’s a  blog from a couple of weeks’ ago when we had first arrived at Awesomeness Fest)

Ka:  Hello everyone, this is Ka… here with little Luna… and also Katie…

Katie:  Angry Katie!

Ka:  Yeah, Angry Katie – but more about that in a second!  We just arrived here yesterday evening at Awesomeness Fest in Phuket – and we’re just a little upset here because this is honestly the most luxurious hotel we’ve ever been to and we really expected that when staying somewhere so expensive you would be able to stay healthy!  Yesterday we were looking for a healthy restaurant here – and there are about 4 or 5 different restaurants at this resort – and how many did we manage to find??  Absolutely NONE!  So we decided to go to the Italian restaurant here because…

Not our idea of a salad!

Not our idea of a salad!

Katie:  Because it said “salad” on the menu – and it sounded like a BIG salad to us!

Ka:  Yes, this is the first time ever in our family life that we have visited an Italian restaurant, but we decided we would share a single Margherita pizza between us and also order 6 salads.  So we ordered the salads and it was basically one slice of tomato and a big bowl of mozzarella cheese!  That was our salad!  And the kids just started laughing and saying “Mum, is this the salad??!!”  And the waitress really couldn’t understand why we were laughing!!

Then there is the water available here in the hotel mini-bar.  They charge almost $10 US for ONE plastic bottle of Evian water…

Katie:  Yeah, it’s not even from a special spring or area or anything…

Ka:  … no, nor purified, or reverse osmosis water… and you know, we’re in Thailand – you can buy 30 bottles of this water in the supermarket for this price!

Katie:  Or have a one hour Thai massage!

Ka:  And that’s literally the only healthy thing in the mini-bar – the other things are Pringles, chewing gum and hard-core alcohol!

Katie:  And show them the fridge!

Ka:  Then… in the fridge – M&M’s, Snickers, Sprite, wine, beer, Coca-Cola… I mean, what kind of world are we living in that this is the kind of food that is provided to us… Something is very wrong here!

Some real food for breakfast!

Some real food for breakfast!

Katie:  But remember to tell them about the breakfast….

Ka:  Oh yes, one thing that did help today was the breakfast because we got juice!  Shot glasses of juice – so we took about 40 of them and poured them all into one glass – and we also had some fruit.  So at least the breakfast was OK.  But still, you wouldn’t believe how big the buffet was and how small the “healthy” section of it was!  And I guess that’s just the way it is, but we just wanted to express our feelings.

Katie:  Yeah!

Ka:  And it’s so sad coz this is such a beautiful resort, but it’s going to be a hard 5 days here looking for some good, healthy food.  We may just have to leave the resort and find a Thai place and at least find some brown rice and steamed veggies or something.  We couldn’t even find that here yesterday!  But that was what we wanted to share…

Katie:  Yes.  Now I feel better!

Ka:  Yes, we feel better – exactly!  But check it out – it’s such a nice resort – just such a pity they spoil it by giving you crap to eat – for crazy prices!  Anyway, will keep you posted on all our adventures here at Awesomeness Fest and on my talk.  So… more later.. and in the meantime…  Peace, Love, Raw Food, Health Food and Rock n’ Roll!!!




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Drinking freshly extracted juices of vegetables is the fastest way to get nutrients to our cells, which are necessary to heal the body from chronic illness!

1) The first benefit in juicing raw vegetables is that a lot of the nutrients remain in the juice, plus, the body doesn’t need to spend any time or energy digesting the food because the fibre has been removed. So this means that the nutrients go straight to our cells.

Take a raw carrot, for example. First you chew it and then you digest it but even if you chew it very well there is no guarantee that the nutrients reach the cell level. And the sicker a person is the less likely their digestive system will be able to absorb nutrients from the vegetables.

Dr Kirshner is his book ‘live food juices’ states that “the energy to break down the cellular structure of raw vegetables and absorb the nutrients is limited even in the healthiest of people”. He claims that not more than 35% is assimilated even in the healthiest people and in people with weaker digestive systems it can be as low as 1%.
However, up to 92% of nutrients are absorbed if one drinks freshly extracted juices. It is also a known fact that all food must become liquid before they can be absorbed.

2) When you juice fruit it concentrates their sugar content so much that this can be more harming than good. This is because the fibre has been taken out so the body is flooded with an excess amount of sugar. And without the fibre to slowly release the sugar into our blood, it can create high blood sugar levels and in the long run more problems like tooth decay. Of course enjoying fruit juices sometimes can be beneficial but drinking fresh vegetable juices regularly is much more beneficial because it does not contain the high sugar content of fresh fruit juice.

3) Fruits are a great source of fiber which quickly move through our digestive system and helps to remove waste matter from our body. This is important so that the faecal matter doesn’t putrefy and gets reabsorbed into our bloodstream and becomes toxic waste that pollutes our entire body.

Remember! Do not mistaken frozen, bottled, canned or store bought juices as the same thing as freshly extracted juices because much of their nutrients have been destroyed by heat to keep a long shelf life and prevent them from going bad.

Hence Friends! Always remember to juices your vegetables and eat your fruits!



By Dorothy Shelton

Dorothy is a Qualified Teacher, Author,  Traveller, ‘Nutrition Nerd’, Blogger, Creator, Dancer  & Infinite Being.  She enjoys sharing knowledge and inspiring others to thrive and be happy.


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Hello everybody and Merry Christmas,
I thought I would go down to the beach to do this video today because it is so untypical of Christmas!  Now is the time of year when we go over to family and friends and celebrate and usually end up indulging on unhealthy foods, overeating and feeling crappy.  We also usually gain unhealthy pounds.  I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you some of the most important tips for overcoming this unhealthy pattern and to stay healthy while celebrating.  


 You don’t have to give up the food you love
First off, I like this tip the most.  You do not have to let go of the foods you love to eat, this is good news!!  You don’t have to stop eating them, just substitute the unhealthy foods with a raw vegan alternative.  We have a raw uncooked book below this video and we have our best recipes, there are some Christmas ones too!!  But there are a zillion free recipes out there.  You can have raw chocolate, raw pasta, raw ice cream, raw cake – what ever it is you love to eat - there is a healthy, raw and possibly even more delicious alternative for it.  So just get out there and make yourself a healthy alternative for something that is unhealthy.


 Water helps you detox
The second one is to drink a lot of water.  If you want to eat unhealthy food make sure you drink a lot of water with it.  Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, soda – just drink water instead.  It will help you to stay alkalized and detox as well.  This is a very important part of the process to try and detox and avoid the unhealthy drinks.


 Green stuff first!
Another good trick is before you eat anything unhealthy you drink a green juice or smoothie and it will satisfy your bodies nutritional needs.  You will be less likely to over indulge because you will be satisfied.  Also eat a big salad as a side dish with the turkey, really just try to eat as much of the healthy foods before anything unhealthy. 


 Winter wonderland walk
After dinner go outside, don’t stay in sitting on your butt!!  Even if you take a little walk, jog or exercise you will feel better – it helps you digest and stimulates your metabolism and your entire system.  Enjoy the beautiful snow and feel better too.
images (1)


 Take time to sleep 
The last one is important – get enough sleep.  Get to bed before midnight and don’t watch any news before bed.  It is hard on your mood and spirit to hear all the bad news before you sleep.  Try and watch something uplifting and inspiring –  maybe watch one of my videos!


These are my 5 tips on staying staying healthy at Christmas time.  If you enjoyed this and learned from it, please give me a like.  Please subscribe and check out our daily vlog- the link is down below. 
This is your Ka saying good bye and have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!
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December 9th, 2014

Gluten-Free, Vegan Pancake Recipe

Written by Ka Sundance


Hello everybody,

This is the Sundancer family here. I am a little sweaty this morning already because Ronja is practicing her bike riding skills. Joa and Katie are both waiting to have their bikes fixed. First thing this Monday morning I am going to the hardware store to buy tools. I already bought some but of course they one I need is not one of the ones I bought. The internet has been disabled today and I am a little worried about being able to deliver my videos by 10 am.


I am going to have a consultation call with a software company in India that I am thinking of working with. That is it , then I have to do some videos for the big raw food family channel. When I take a look at my business task calendar I will find more things to do.

It is a bright sunny day in Costa Rica. We will go to the beach today for sure. I hope I can squeeze in a little run and work out plan today. Have a nice day today guys, enjoy life.


Katie’s Yummy Pancakes
It is breakfast time and we have an awesome new pancake recipe. The ingredients for the recipe are :

oats (gluten free oats that I powdered)
organic oat milk or organic almond milk
chia seeds
coconut nectar for sweetening
pinch of salt ( if you listen to me , none if your listen to Katie)

Mix it all up and try and get a pancake consistency.
That is our recipe for the day. The two ladies are eating their breakfast in here! They love the new pancakes!!
I am off to the phone to try and make my cell phone faster. I have had to sit here a long time at the phone company, it takes ages to get anything done here!! I was talking to the company in India to get support for our web developing company.

 Recording my videos

I was just recording a video for my big English channel and my German channel. I put a fan here because I tend to get hot when I am making my videos. The fan helps me keep cool!!

That is the video for today. We fixed all the bikes and everything is great. I am waiting to get my desktop computer station back, they have been fixing it and I am hoping to get it back tomorrow. Here I am in the waiting room, I am getting a massage. I get a massage daily. I feel so relaxed, I fell asleep again, that is a good sign. I was longer then I thought I would be. I feel so sleepy, relaxed and slow. Katie and the kids are waiting for me at home.

Ok guys, that is pretty much it for the day. I am sitting here editing some video for the Raw Food Family channel. We will have to start getting some food for the kids. Benny is frozen in the doorway and he says he will never, ever move again. Hey, you are moving!!!! What happens when I tickle here, he is moving!! Help me, I am being attacked!
Markus Rothkranz

 It’s sometimes a crazy life

I had to get the camera, Katie and I are just sitting here in my office and trying to just finish a sentence. She has been trying to tell me four times and complete the sentence and each time a kid walked in here and interrupted!! I said let’s just wait and see who runs in here and is looking for attention – here comes Luna!!

Running the business and having the life we live is sometimes really all about focusing. We literally have to talk about business while Luna is doing her thing and we talk about the evening procedure – what food is needed, nappies to change, what book I will read etc. It is crazy guys – and I am filming all the time too!!! I Had to interrupt Katie to turn on the camera and film this too! That is how we do it guys, it is crazy. She doesn’t want to share with the camera. I will turn it off now, the second I turn it off I bet another kid rolls in here.

Ok guys it is that time of the day. We are sitting here in front of the computer and I have the Harry Potter eBook open. This is very often our evening routine, sitting here reading Harry Potter with the bigger kids, our teeth are brushed and we are ready for bed. We want to say good night to you all. Bye bye, dream big -bbbooooommmm!!

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