Is is real or all a dream?
Hello, my dear loved ones,
This is your Ka speaking from beautiful Costa Rica, you can see the ocean over there from our rented house. Today I would like to answer a question or a criticism that has been raised about our lifestyle and our way of thinking and living. Also how we talk and act. That is in regards to people asking “are we living in a fantasy dream world or in the real world?”. They feel that we are not seeing life as it really is and that we are dreamers living in a dream world. As we travel the world and we have our online businesses that are helping people become more healthy and happy and really making a difference. They feel this is not in alignment with the real tough world out there and we are simply dreamers in a dream world.

I do live in a dream world of my choice
My reply is guys you are absolutely right, I live in a dream world. I want to add that you also live in a dream world. Guys, we all live in a dream world. How come???? There are many different realities peacefully coexisting, I am a trained social worker and we always had a saying we used when there was a conflict – everybody is right. I have no doubt that there is lots of negativity in the world, there are wars and injustices going on. I would not argue with this, it is true.

I hope you can follow me along my chain of argument. There is also so much love going on. Good people supporting each other and being there for and caring for each other. There are good businesses out there that are good causes. There are many millions and billions of people who are good. Can you follow me?? Both are true, both are right. The thing is that we all in our lives see these different existing coexisting realities thorough our own glasses and we choose what we see at any specific moment. It also can change over a period of time as well.


You have the power to choose what kind of sunglasses you will where
What I am saying is that you experience your life through these glasses and they are not there by coincidence or maybe somebody put them there. But you can choose what kind of color your sunglasses should have to experience life through. If you don’t see this power you have then you will be one of those people that feels run over by life many times and life is just happening and you are a victim passively reacting. You are right, you are definitely a victim, life is hard and life is rolling over you. This is totally right if you choose to believe that and choose to experience life in that way.

All I am saying here to you is it does not have to be. You can take those victim sunglasses off and put a different set on. That is my point – I live in a dream world, I have a dreamers sunglasses on. You possibly have a pessimistic’s sunglasses on. We are all dreaming and making our lives up. Life just is and we choose where we are going to put our focus. My invitation and thoughts are to inspire and help you guys realize you can change something about the life that happens to you.

I am a light worker

If you choose to call me a dreamer, you are absolutely right. I dream and many others dream as well. I move around you and by pass you and ask you to see that I make it happen. All the pessimistic people can indulge on conspiracy theories and wars and nasty stuff – go for it if you choose to. But please get out of the way and let me do my job as a light worker – saying something positive against all that. I am not against war , I am for peace. I am driven on positively,support, tolerance, on serving and that is my choice. I hope you can understand a little more where we come from now. Please leave me a comment down below.

get started

Do I miss life? Am I unrealistic, I hope so. What is your take on life? What are your glasses made of? Do you follow me that you are choosing how you experience life through a specific set of glasses?

I am interested in your comments. Thanks so much for watching. I will be going to the States soon, I just signed up for a training with Frank Kern..I am excited about this. I will be speaking in San Francisco and possibly do a meet-up there, who wants to come?
There will be more in the videos to come.

Thank you so much. Love you, Ka

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How can you find happiness?

Hi Guys,
This is your Ka speaking, I want to warmly welcome your here from the beautiful German forest in the southern part of Germany. We are here for a few more days and these are the warm, late summer days.

Today I want to talk about happiness. I want to teach you some ways to boost your happiness level in your life. Not only coming from the spiritual, hippy guru stuff but scientifically proven techniques that will enhance and boost your happiness level in your life.  I would like to come from this angle today to not turn off people that want some proven techniques that have been tested. Thank God there are people doing this so we can profit from this knowledge. I want to get started right away.

1. It is proven that people who have some kind of spiritual belief or love to participate in a religion are generally ( if they practice it) more happy than people who don’t have a religion. It is about doing the meditation, doing the yoga, doing the prayers – it doesn’t matter what but you need to practice it. What ever it is you need to practice it and you will be more happy. It is about doing it – that is the big part of it.


Turn off the world for a bit

2. People who are able to shut down their cell phone several times a day are generally speaking, more happy than people who are always are on it – you know these kind of people – you are in a conversation and they have to check messages or text. They can’t even think of turning off their cell phone – it has been tested that if you can turn it off at times during the day that you will be more happy. A little health advice at the end- at night always put it on airplane mode so you are not exposed to the cell phone waves.

3. Don’t rely on external validation. This means that people who are in touch with themselves and live a life according to their beliefs and are aligned with them are happier. They are not looking for shoulder tapping from the outer world, from parents or spouses or partners. Make yourself independent from that, it doesn’t matter , it doesn’t mean anything what people around you say. What matters is what you say and what you think about it. If something feels right, if you feel like wearing a purple hat everyday by god put it on and be proud of it. Don’t give a damn about what people feel about it!!! If it feels right to have a purple hat on -go for it. I would love to see you with a purple hat – if I see someone walking down the street today with a purple hat, I will know you have been watching my video!!

Happiness is not linked to having money

4. Happiness is not necessarily linked to money. It is not about buying a lot of things, those that can buy those things are no happier than those who cannot. It’s not about having or owning stuff, it doesn’t bring happiness. What brings happiness is if you invest your money not into things but experiences. it is a subtle difference, but important. I like it because you don’t need to be rich to get a cool experience – going for a hike through the forest, climbing a mountain or going to the beach. There are so many things you can do as an experience that you don’t need money for. That is a blessing for everybody who is not blessed with a fortune. It’s about having experiences and you can design those. You have to go out and get them or make them happen. They do not fall from the sky. It is a good thing that happiness is not related to money. I wanted to highlight this point especially because it empowers you because you  can create an experience that is exciting for you and your kids!! So go out and do it!

Healthy eating leads to happiness

5. Of course, I love this very much. It is scientifically proven that there is a connection between healthy eating and happiness. So people who eat raw, alive, vibrant foods – like fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. And especially I want to highlight my very best of all times, the rock and roller of health foods – the green juices! If you eat healthy and drink green juices you are going to be a more happy human being. Because you are living in accordance with the needs of your body. You have been looking and dealing with emotionally eating patterns, you have discipline and are focused on eating healthy and being happy. More then someone who stuffs themselves with junk and drugs will be. So eat the healthy foods to be more happy.

Being grateful for things makes you happy


6. Gratitude. People who are grateful or find reasons to be grateful are much happier than those who don’t have this gratitude. This again guys is a decision – it is not a condition it is a decision. I have seen people in so much poverty and they were so grateful and happy as human beings. I know millionaires who are so unhappy. So please don’t link that to the money and say “oh I am so poor” – don’t victimize yourself. You have got to find it – no matter where you are or how ambitious your goals are or how badly you want to reach those goals – you have to find reasons in the here and now to be thankful for. Other then this the whole thing will collapse if you don’t find things to be thankful for. You will loop yourself in an unhappy environment - you are gonna affirm unhappiness, you are gonna affirm I still didn’t do it, I still have this body, I am still broke. That’s not how it rolls if you want to become happy you have to find the little things you are happy for , that you are grateful for – that you enjoy and are happy about. You find the fuel to reach your goals and take the necessary action steps and you just have a totally energetic frequency around you. Oh my god, that was not very scientific was it! You just will be more happy if you are grateful, there is a connection and it is scientifically proven. Again, forget the spiritual stuff!

Happiness is a decision

7. Again this is not rocket science but happiness doesn’t fall from the sky. You have to be willing to take some action, to find happiness, to create it. Happiness is a decision. People who are not very happy like to feel it is luck or fate or it is not meant for them to be happy, I have this burden and this hard life. Guys, it is not the condition but the decision. The question is not what kind of life you have but what kind of meaning do you give the experiences you do everyday. One person can give a specific thing a totally different meaning then another person. You could have the best thing happening to you but if you don’t appreciate it you will not see it. A very bad thing can happen, my friend Sam Cawthorn lost his right arm, but he is one of the most happy and most vibrant people I have met in life. Happiness is a decision , you can decide to be happy and you don’t need to wait for anything to make that decision. Get out there and get some more happiness for yourself! I think this is the most important one so I will end here.

I would love to get some comments from you. What did I miss? Did I miss some practices or scientific case studies that you know? Please post them down below, I always like to receive any comments.

Get on our list to stay in touch. Thanks so much for watching, I will be back soon with more videos from beautiful Germany before we move on for a very long, warm and happy winter. Thanks so much, this is your Ka. Love you guys and will be back soon.

Bye bye

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Hi Guys,
This is your Ka speaking, I want to warmly welcome you to this video.  I want to reply to a question that we have been asked very often on our Facebook fan page.  Our fan page has been getting 100,000 new fans in the last few weeks!!! More then 100 million people have been touched by our Facebook postings.  I am so proud of this, we are really changing the world with this.  One info-graphic we posted was about Splenda also known as Sucralose and it has been marketed heavily as a healthy alternative to white refined sugar.  People are confused – is it healthy or not?  I have been doing some research and wanted to share it with you.

How can a lab beat Mother Nature? 

Guys, lets use our common sense with this.  Why would you even expect that something that has been mixed together in some chemical laboratory could be healthier then what mother nature provides for us??? I am going to share with you some healthy natural sugar substitutes with you at the end of this video.



Splenda is simply not safe

Let’s talk about the dangers of Splenda – it’s not healthy!! It’s a chemical mixed together in a lab.  They have done research on the reactions you could have.  They have proven it increases blood sugar levels, people get blurred vision and dizziness.  It is totally unhealthy for your gut flora – if you overdo it you will get pains in your guts and diarrhea.   People are also getting seizures, migraines and allergic reactions.  Using any of these chemical artificial sweeteners it is not saNaturalSweetenersfe for people suffering from diabetes.  It is especially dangerous if you heat it and the chemicals can become toxic – especially is you over do it with the cooked form.


Wonderful & easy natural alternatives
What are healthy alternatives?  Stevia is a natural leaf – you can dry them or buy the drops in a health food store.  Dates are a great sweetener used for thousands of years.  Honey is good – some vegans do not eat this.  We believe in honey and use it.  You can use coconut sugar which is great.  You can use agave, I need to do another video on this alone.  The raw, pure agave syrup is healthy.   I have named some healthy natural substitutes you can use instead of these chemicals.  Substitute the substitute guys!!!!  Splenda  is not healthy if you ask me – it’s a chemical associated with many health risks.  I have links to some websites to read more below.


What is your opinion?  What is your experience with artificial sweeteners?
I would love to hear your thoughts.


As a last thing, please check out our other channel where we post daily vlogs about our life living in the tropics and our travels.  We are going to the States soon.  If you would like to follow us on a daily basis, check out the link below.


Thanks so much for watching, this is our Ka.  Love you guys, bye bye.




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Fast Raw Food Kale Chips Recipe For “On The Road”
Hello everybody,
This is Ka, Jaro and my youngest Luna.  I am sitting here in my office in Costa Rica.  We arrived here safely,  this is the view from my office.  Today I wanted to announce again that we are starting a 30 day YouTube project.  We will be filming throughout the entire day our life and uploading it on our other channel :

Today I would like to show you how we make some delicious kale chips.  Come with me to our kitchen and I will show you.  This is where the kids do their home schooling and this is my office again.  Here is the kitchen – this recipe is very simple.  All you need is some cashew nuts, these are macadamian.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of nut.  You also need some nutritional yeast, some liquid aminos acids from Braggs- this is the best- some chia seeds and some pink Himalayan salt and red bell peppers.
You simply blend all those all together in a blender – go by feeling, add a little water to make it liquid.  Then you pour them – you see even Luna likes it – put it all in a bowl and take some clean kale leaves and put them into the bowl and cover them in the sauce. Put them on trays into the dehydrator, if you don’t have one you can use the oven on low with the door open a little.  This does waste energy so it is better to use a dehydrator if you can.
The next morning you have some great kale chips, we all love them.  Our friend just brought some fresh coconut water and we have some fresh green juice we made this morning – I recommend this for everyone.  This was just a quick and easy raw food recipe for healthy, yummy kale chips – it’s a great snack for kids to take to school or you to take to work.
Please check out our other channel to watch our new daily videos logs from me and my family.  I would love to connect with you there.  Thanks so much, time for Luna to take a little nappy now.  Bye bye , see you soon your Ka.


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The Problem of over eating
Hi Guys,

This is your Ka speaking. Today I want to talk to you about what I feel is one of the biggest problem in regards to health and non existing health. This is the problem of over eating. I want to talk about this from my own experience. I have been on a juice fast for the last 3 weeks, I want to inspire you, give you some information on how to prevent over eating and how to do a cleanse or a detox.
I believe that it is not so very important what you eat. I feel people in the natural health food movement are over obsessed with what they put in their mouths. Don’t get me wrong, it is important but I would love to refocus today and talk about not the specific food you eat but the amount of food you eat. You can eat healthy foods and still over eat. You could be more healthy eating small amounts of unhealthy foods. To give you an example when I travel in third world countries such as Costa Rica – I know this elderly man who only eats small amounts of rice, beans and chicken his whole life and he is 95 and is fit and carries huge loads up the mountains!!


The most healthy way to eat
There are these people that are so healthy in all these cultures and they seem to be eating very little food. We are not meant to over eat. The most healthy way to eat is to stop eating right when you stop feeling hungry. That is how we should be doing it. Our grandparents from WWII tended to stuff our faces and we were made to eat as much as possible. This is how we were brought up. We are eating for the wrong reasons, that is the problem. We are not eating to nourish our body and provide healthy nutrients. That is how it should be. There are so many vast, complicated reasons why we are eating. For comfort, we are bored or excited, because we are sad or happy. There are so many reasons but none of these are doing you any good. This is not doing you any good or delivering the thing you are looking for. You are always chasing something, it’s like a drug.
I am a habit breaker
This is why I am so keen on breaking those habits, I am a habit breaker. I am a junkie of trying new, of breaking habits and questioning stuff. This is why I love to do these fasts. In the old days I use to take drugs for excitement, these days I do fasting and meditation. That is exciting stuff, forget the drugs, they suck. They pure real kick is in these natural ways of getting high and getting inside and learning. That to me is fasting and meditation. This is the longest fast I have been on, it’s 19 days today. I am not hungry, it’s not a pure water fast, I do juices. It’s not a purest fast because every two or three days I have a bite of food. It’s strange I have never done this before. I didn’t want to limit myself, in the old days I would do a two week fast. This time is different, I feel like I can do this for months. I don’t have any cravings – this is why if I feel like it I have a little food. I am in a different mind set, I am very open. I don’t want any food but I give myself permission if I want it. Four days ago I had two pieces of durian or honey melon, I just tasted it and instantly realized I did’t need food and I stopped. This is an interesting self awareness I want to share with you – I don’t know what it means or where it leads. I want to share it with you.


I don’t know where I get the energy from
I feel awesome on this fast. I go through waves – sometimes very energetic. Each day I do an hour or two of exercise, I don’t know where I get the energy from!!
I still feel energetic but sometimes very weak as well. I feel it is all part of the game. I just wanted to question this over eating that seems to be so normal and supported in Western society. I don’t think we were meant to eat this way. I want to keep exploring myself, I definitely have issues with this. I feel my entire life I have been dealing with over eating. It wasn’t so bad because I was eating healthy foods but even on them I am not at 100% peak performance state if I constantly over eat. I am really happy to discover this and to keep sharing this with you.


Exploring my eating patterns
My intention is to keep on explore myself, my eating thought patterns and physical patterns. But also to not continue being victimized by some unseen force that compels me to eat. I am unlocking this and my intention is to be free of the need to eat emotionally. I am on a good road . I want to keep on sharing , keep on inspiring and learning! Sorry if I was stumbling – it is important stuff going on inside myself. Sometimes it comes out a little less structured then if I have a clear plan about what to talk about. This was channeled and edit free one time video!
Thank you for watching, I hope this was inspiring. What are your thoughts on this? What are your experiences with fasting?


This will probably be the last video from Thailand because in two days we are going to Koh Samui to a healing center to do some more intense healing there. And then on to Germany. Possibly see you from the other side of the world!


I thank you so much for watching.
This is Ka, love you guys, bye bye.



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it is so nice to welcome you here.
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    Sighhhh.... Katie HAD to buy her that shirt. And as much as I dislike to admit it: It's the truth!! Lol

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    Ronja is proudly preparing her own lunch today. Avocado, tomato, cucumbers, sprouted lentils, carrot and a pinch of salt.

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