Food is something that is extremely essential to nourish your body and give it the much needed energy to meet the day’s deadlines. Our ancestors were extremely healthy and energetic and the sole credit goes to the nutrient rich food they would consume. In today’s fast paced and hectic lives, people are least bothered about their families, let alone the food that they supply the body with. Here’s a list of the top 9 foods that are extremely hazardous to the well being of the mind and body and can cause serious damage in the long run. These are the foods you should never buy.

1.) Fast food:
Crisp thin crust pizzas and plump juicy minced beef patty crammed between two thick slices of sesame buns covered in gooey cheese and sauces may send your taste buds up to the heavens, but if you do not stop with these soon, you may soon earn yourself a ticket to heaven. These are unnatural foods that are a waste of money and poisonous.
Fast food does consist lots of fats, sugar, and almost no nutrients.
People who eat lots of fast food, get obese and die earlier. This is evident. Do you want to be one of them??

2.) Gluten:
This is something that does more harm than good to the body. It is a substance essential in making breads and pastries that you crave when under stress. The stickiness of the flour continues to stick to your internal organs causing severe damage and is one of the foods you should never buy, or at least cut back on.
Gluten is addictive, and as the wheat crops have been changed so much since our grandparents time, there is not much natural left in eting bread. Gluten can cause acne, diggestive problems, and has even said to support building cancer.

Foods You Should Never Buy3.) Canned foods:
The idea of buying canned pineapples, cherries and other such exotic fruits may appeal to you, but does it appeal to the body? It is filled with sugars and unnatural chemicals. How else do you expect a fruit to last for over a year when fruits bought from the market rot within a week?

4.) Sugar:
Sugar may add the much needed sweetness to you evening tea and morning pastries, but it harms your body in ways that you cannot imagine. It is addictive like a drug and is poisonous. It is much wiser to stick to cane sugar, agave, stevia, coconut crystals instead. These are natural and not refined unlike white sugar.

5.) Corn syrup:
One of the foods you should never buy is corn syrup. It is processed and unnatural. Almost every processed food that you buy contains traces of corn syrup. This extremely sweet liquid plays tricks with your body’s blood sugar level. It is one of the major causative agents of diabetes.

6.) Pasteurized milk:
All the nutrients all lost due to constant cooking of the milk. Always opt for almond or hemp milk. If you want to have “real” milk, please go for raw cow or raw goat milk. These are much healthier options.

7.) GMO:
Also known as genetically modified foods, these are the foods you should never buy. As many people are unaware of this category, it is always advisable to read through the minutely printed ingredients list. Once you spot it, put it back on the shelf.
Pay attantion to the fine print rather than the shiny, glossy cover of a product.
Buying food is there pretty much the same than buying an insurence. Read the fine print.
GMO free food is the best health insurance anyway…LOL

8.) Processed foods:
These are the foods with very attractive, shiny packaging. It is best you stay away from them as they are chemically preserved and have absolutely no nutritional value. The more effort people put into marketing and packaging a food, the worse it is.
Fruits and veggies come along with no fake cover. They shine by nature.
They are real.
There is a vast difference between the appearance of the food on the box and the contents inside which is proof enough.
Please don´t be fooled by covers!

9.) Plastic water bottles:
Plastic water bottles should be shunned. The plastic when exposed to sunlight melts or at least starts to vaporate and since these chemicals have nowhere else to go, they mix with the water inside making it toxic. Instead opt for filtered water and drink them from glass bottles.

I hpe you enjoyed my article. Did I miss some foods?
Please add them below in the comment box.
All my love
Your Ka


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My family and I have a very special lifestyle. We do unschooling.
We are world travelers who are interested in exploring the world and knowing cultures in depth. As our travel is increasing, we have been met with two very prominent questions. I have finally decided to answer them, and let me put this up front:
unschoolingKatie and I are well educated, professional social workers with many years of experience dealing with kids. We know the Western educational system inside and out as we worked there professionally.

The first question that we have received is – how do we make sure that our kids are getting the right education? We practice unschooling with our children. We are not Christian Fundamentalists who have a problem with other kids who are potentially bad influences to ours. We just have a problem with the education system.

The conventional education system only forces the kids to learn specific information.
The kids learn it, write it all out in a test and then…  forget most of it. I believe that learning is not limited to just 4-6 hours of school, it happens every minute – right from the time we open our eyes, to the time we go to sleep. We let our kids learn whatever they like, whenever they like.

So why separate learning time and free-time??

Our job as parents and teachers is not to tell them things they are not interested in and force them into becoming a person they are not meant to be.  This is not how learning works at all anyway.

First of all it is about trust. We don´t have to force our kids to learn – EVER!
Our kids deserve trust as they are like sponges. They soak up every piece of information there is, if it is concerning a topic they are interested in.
And believe me when I say: They are intereseted in so many different things.
And they also deserve respect. The respect that concerns their very soul.
They have a plan inside them, and that plan needs to be explored and expressed.

By forcing them to learn and BE something that is not in their plan, we interfere big time.
Now I am not saying that the normal school system is making it impossible to unfold according to their individual god-given plan, but I do believe that it can make it harder.

So here is what we do:
We provide them with materials so that they can explore their interests, their likes and passions. We keep in the background after having set some basic rules to create a sacred, protected space for learning. We keep in the background, but always be aware so we can be there with full presence when they have questions.

unschoolingThis is pretty much flipping  the system around.

As a family we do not have a lot of possessions, but most of what we own is learning material and books. We give our children all the material and allow them to get in touch with themselves.  We lay down the rules and allow our children to explore for themselves.  We also give our kids a lot of practical learning, if they want to learn about the elephants in Thailand, we go to Thailand and let them be close to the elephants, observe them and learn everything that they want to.  Just like other kids of their age, my kids can read, write, speak different languages, and do mathematics and logic.

As it gets more complicated we will get support. Depending on the interest of my kids, I will make sure that they get all the training that they want.

The second question that I am faced with is about my social life. Many of my subscribers want to know if we have a unschoolingsocial life at all, since we are travelling so much and are never at one place. The different places that we travel to are our many homes. Travelling makes us a lot more socially compatible. It leaves us with absolutely no choice but to socialize. We keep in touch with our friends around the world and maintain relationships that actually matter. We also always go back to some places to catch up in the real world with friends and family.

I think the lifestyle that I give my kids is getting them ready to face almost any situation that they encounter. Maybe they will not necessarilybe big doctors, engineers and won’t take up big posts in big buildings, but I trust they will definitely be very passionate and most and for all:
They will know who they are, where they stand in life, what they want and plain and simply; Be happy ;-)


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Living a healthy life is important and with the toxins that find their way into your body ever so often, it gets increasingly important to detox your body to flush out all the toxins and purify your system. The best part about detoxifying is the fact that it can be done naturally and on an everyday basis. Besides, detoxifying does not mean that you need to starve yourself or perform activities that will weaken you or make you feel sluggish. Given below are 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day.

detox naturally1.) Green juices:

No matter what health condition you are suffering from, the green juices will always manage to top the list when you want salvation from these health conditions. Drinking green juices on a daily basis is one of the top 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day. These should be had on a daily basis. It takes your health to the next level and detoxifies your body. Green leafy veggies are packed with nutrients that work wonders for your body. It helps purify blood and works wonders for people having a damaged colon.

2.) Exercise:

It does not matter how busy your schedule is, you must take at least 30 minutes off to exercise. This does not mean that you need to take up weight lifting classes or hit the gym. The key to detoxifying your body through exercising is sweating immensely. It is through this sweat that all the harmful toxins are flushed out. Simple running or swimming on a daily basis for a minimum of 30 minutes daily can work wonders for your body. It improves your metabolism and it shows on your skin.

3.) Water:

This forms an important part of the 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day. It is very crucial that you stay hydrated especially during the summer months when the heat tends to steal your body of important nutrients. You must especially resort to drinking detox naturally plenty of water when you consume too much alcohol, coffee, sugar or any type of processed foods. Besides, regular consumption of fried foods calls for several litres of water to be had every single day. For people who live in the tropics, coconut water is an excellent source to hydrate your body.

4.) Emotional well being:

No amount of good food and water will help detoxify your body if you are mentally and emotionally disturbed. Avoid being egoistic and learn to forgive yourself and other people easily.

5.) Raw foods rich in water content:

This is very important to keep your body detoxified and flush out all the unnecessary toxins out of your body. The best foods that are raw and contain humongous quantities of water are melons. Besides, oranges, apples, cucumber, tomatoes are rich in water content and are an excellent source of water for your body. Besides, it also helps keep the skin and hair glowing.

These are some of the 5 easy ways to detox naturally every day.


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parasite cleanseToday we will talk about parasites, the symptoms and how to do a parasite cleanse, to cleanse them out effectively and stay healthy on a raw food diet. We raw foodies love to eat food that is raw and fresh from the farm but we also need to do a parasite cleanse frequently. This article is for those newbies who just got started on raw food and are all excited about the benefits of eating raw food and are under the impression that they are going to be so healthy that they will become the walking embodiment of health. While it is true on one hand, the truth also remains that with increased consumption of raw foods; there will be an increased consumption of parasites which are nothing but live microorganisms in our bodies.

Unlike deeply fried dead meat which has been cooked so deep that there is nothing live on it anymore, leaves and raw foods which are natural live foods, will of course have more microorganisms that live on them. So it is natural that we do consume more parasites with live food but on the other hand we also have a stronger immune system that is well capable of handling them.

parasite cleanseSo how can we know if we have parasites? I would recommend doing a live blood test. It is a simple test. Take a drop of our blood and view it under the microscope to see how our blood cells are doing. The raw food family has been living in tropical countries and eating raw food for ten years now and has been following this test without fail. We also do the parasite cleanse on a very frequent basis and we recommend the same.

The symptoms of having parasites can be you feeling very tired, drawn out and usually very hungry as these parasites will eat inside your body. You might also feel like eating more fruits and sugar as parasites thrive on sugar. The cure for parasites is obviously do a parasite cleanse frequently and we do not recommend the chemical stuff at all. It has to be a natural remedy.

There are many ways to get cleansed naturally; the most common remedy is herbs, herbs which are bitter like garlic, chilli, etc. Another fact I would like to share with you is that parasite cleansing done with chemicals takes days to get rid of parasites. Similarly,parasite cleanse natural cleanse takes away all the parasites and amebas in the system but then after 2 to 3 weeks time you need to repeat it. It is a long term process and necessary to get rid of all the parasites. The reason for repeating the process is because eggs of parasites are still stored in your colon somewhere depending on what type of parasite it is. It may even lie in your liver as liver filters all the toxins and parasites from our food. Repeated cleansing will get rid of all parasites in the liver as well as the kidney. So we need to drink a lot during the cleansing process and do the liver flush or liver cleanses as these will filter the rubbish that contains the dead parasites and toxins keeping the system clean. Also do a live blood analysis to find out of if you still have parasites.

I hope you found this article useful and as always I welcome your comments and views about the parasite cleanse.


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My thoughts today are about people who say so often that it is too expensive to eat healthy food.  Honestly, without health everything else is worthless.  Health is the base of a fulfilling and happy life.   If you are unhealthy, or you are sick, you have pain and you suffer, then how can anything else matter?  The healthy, organic whole foodsreason why I am so confident in this thinking is, I know what it is to be broke, with no money. Our situation was the same at one time, but we did not allow the excuse that we could not afford healthy, organic whole foods.

Even when we were getting financial benefits from the state, we managed to buy organic food as we saved on all other expenses in life.  We bought clothes only in second hand shops, we did not have a plasma or flat screen TV, we had only an old laptop and we did not go on holidays. We saved on all other things to buy healthy, organic whole foods, this was top priority for me and for Katie especially.  It was imperative that we give our kids the best food possible.

But the question is, ‘How badly do you want to eat healthy food?’  Just because it is cheap, going to McDonald’s and eating junk is just not an option. I cannot allow you to get away that cheaply, literally.

healthy, organic whole foodsThere are some tricks I want to let you know for buying healthy, organic whole foods when you are on a tight budget.  First of all, go to a local health food store where normally there is a section in which food that will go bad the next day is kept. Food that is fully ripe like bananas with black dots are cheaper than green ones.   So often markets mark down food that doesn’t look as “pretty” or that is completely ripe and needs to be eaten very soon.  So look for food that is of the best quality and buy that at a reduced price, which is possible.

The next thing is buy in bulk. I know this is hard if you have no money to invest, but often if you buy in bulk, like nuts for example, if you buy nuts by the kilo, it is much cheaper than if you buy nuts by the grams, or just a handful of nuts. So buy in bulk.

Of course another option of having healthy food is by harvesting. You can harvest greens, you can go and find berries and stuff like this.  It is possible to get health food right from a tree or your own back yard; you can harvest greens all year round. Different types of berries ripen in different seasons, like cherries, plums, apples and so on. Of course some seasons like winter it is really hard to harvest. healthy, organic whole foods

Other than these ideas, there is so much more you can think of. You can educate yourself a little bit. You can start growing your own food. You can do this without even having a garden. We have written a book about this too. Grow your own greens without having a garden; you can have your own stuff in your little kitchen. Many easy ways are possible.  This allows you to harvest your own food even during the winter time if you are in a cooler climate.

So guys I was giving you a few simple tips here. Again, the important thing is that you don’t let yourself give in to excuses.  You can still afford healthy, organic whole foods even if you are on a budget, you just have to make it a priority.


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